Thanks for the feedback!

The Hearthhead staff is already hard at work making changes based on your feedback. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to come here and test out our beta website Based on your feedback we've identified the following issues and put resources in the right place to get them addressed.

The website doesn't work on mobile!

Well, it has, but not ideally. We've since added the ability to search for decks and cards. In essence, Hearthhead on mobile is in read-only mode. You can still search for decks by name, filter by class and by Wild/Standard. The same can be said for cards which can now be found by searching, but you can also select a set to simply browse through all the cards it has to offer. Of course, we're not done with the mobile experience, improvements will continue to roll out as time goes on.

The featured images transition too quickly.

We understand people hate it when something they're reading suddenly moves. We've slowed down the cycle a lot to compensate and we'll continue to refine it until we reach a point that's ideal.

I don't know what this icon means!

The beta has taught us that tooltips are really important. While we, frequent players of Hearthstone, might instinctively know what something means, you might not. As a result, we've decided to tooltip just about every icon on the site that is custom made. No more confusion!

I have to scroll down to see the third row of cards/decks.

We simply made a mistake here. Initially, we thought two rows was right, but three rows offered so much more information at the cost of a little scrolling on the relevant pages. We've heard you loud and clear, repeated scrolling is annoying so we're going to be shortening all of these pages to two rows of information. Now everyone should be able to fit the filters and results on the same screen.

Back to TopAs we've frequently said, site performance is among our highest priorities.


Certain parts of the site load a bit slow.

As we've frequently said, site performance is among our highest priorities. Despite the fact that the site worked on most machines and Chrome - which it was designed for - we're aware that everyone wants a good experience. Unfortunately, we have to draw the line somewhere as the spectrum of operating systems, computers, and internet speeds vary drastically. However, we were probably a bit too hopeful in our estimates at what most people could handle. As a result, we've trimmed off some of the fat in regards to page transitions which should really help with speed.

The deck cards don't prioritize the right information.

More than a few of you were annoyed that the class icon was so large and the text, which is the reason you're even looking at decks, is so small. We've converted the cards to a horizontal format which gives us a lot more room to play with.

Where are all my comments/decks/guides?

We're currently in the process of migrating all of this information over to the new site. A lot of our users put a TON of effort into their comments sometimes including what feels like an entire article on lore. Because of this, we wanted to make sure nothing was lost. All three of these things are being brought over to the new site and will still be there when we flip the switch.

What about my reputation? My collection?

Both of these won't be available right away. But rest assured we're storing all of your information and nothing should be lost. Once those features are live, you'll find that all the same information is there and ready to be used.

All of this should be ready for further testing later this week. In the meantime, make sure to head on over to the beta site and send us your feedback. It could be the difference between something getting addressed now instead of after launch!