Iksar tells us exactly how hard the new archetype is.

In today's meta, much of the community complains about how simple decks have become. In the days of old, there were tons of complicated archetypes that challenged the way you made decisions. Handlock, Patron Warrior, Miracle Rogue, Freeze Mage, the list goes on. When sitting down with Game Designer Dean "Iksar" Ayala and Senior Game Producer Yong Woo, the former told us about his experiences playtesting a new breed of Rogue deck that might just be the hardest thing to pilot we've seen in some time.

Back to TopWhat are your favorite new cards?

Yong: I think my favorite new card is Potion of Madness. And the reason for that is I'm kind of obsessed with playing Priest, it was my first golden hero, and I always like playing the kind of Priest that's doing weird stuff with Wild PyromancerCircle of Healing, and trying to draw cards.

You're shaking your head. I'm one of those guys, yes.

So I think it's going to be a really cool toolkit to add to my arsenal. I think it can really help with my early game and it's a cheap spell so it really fits into that archetype.

What about you?

Dean: It has to be Patches.


Dean: Patches the Pirate has been in every expansion since [Blackrock Mountain] and he's been cut in every expansion since BRM.

It was my favorite card and a lot of the design group still makes fun of me.

Because it was the last week [before] BRM and he was in the set and I was like, "Oh, this is awesome, I want to play him in my deck."

And then I got sick and I came back and they were like, "Oh, we cut your favorite card."

Yong: I remember that!

Dean: Now everytime anyone gets sick we're like, "What's your favorite card?"

"No! I'm not telling you!"

Also because when I playtest things I have multiple accounts and I tend to be playing multiple games at once. With the Patches deck with Gang Up and holding back a bunch of cards and waiting to combo. That deck is so hard to play! It is maybe the single hardest deck to play that I've playtested in the last year. I can only play one of those games at a time because if I try to play two I just time out of both.

"Ah, I don't know what do!"

I just stare at the board and the rope [comes out] and my turn ends.

Back to TopSo it's the new Grim Patron Warrior?

Dean: I mean kind of. With Freeze Mage I sort of have the same experience.

There are different things for different people, but for me personally, I've played so much Hearthstone at this point [that] the decks that are really interesting are the ones where I can't figure out what the decision is.

I still oddly have a hard time playing Rogue in general. It blows my mind that I still to this day never know when it's correct to attack face with the dagger on turn two and when it's not. I just can't figure it out.

But yeah, Patches is awesome.

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