How to Counter Aggro & November Season Ends Tomorrow

Nov 30, 2015

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2015

Those who were active during the first release of League of Explorers are probably well aware of how Reno Jackson's arrival was received with open arms. Overnight the Hearthstone meta became more Control oriented, prompting a shift in deck selections and breathing some fresh air into the game. However, Uldaman saw the release of a few key cards such as Tunnel Trogg and Mounted Raptor which bolstered a few aggro decks out there and brought them to the front of the pack rather swiftly.

And due to the fact that there was a one week break between wings because of Thanksgiving in the United States, there's been plenty of time for that aggro to fester. While there's some hope we'll see Control come back thanks to cards like Entomb, The Ruined City also sports a variety of cards that may only deepen the aggressive roots. Naga Sea Witch in particular may push some slower decks into the midrange slot as they look to get bigger minions on the field at a faster pace.

Regardless, over the next week you'll need to be ready to deal with aggro as the Ranked ladder resets tomorrow with the dawn of December. Here are our tips for taking down those pesky face decks.

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Hearthstone® November 2015 Ranked Play Season Ending Soon!

Hearthstone’s November 2015 Ranked Play Season is coming to a close at the end of the month, and your chances of acquiring the Explorer’s Map card back for your collection will soon come to an end!

This adventurous card back will only be available during November, so be sure to hit Rank 20 before the 1st of December and the card back will be awarded to you at the end of the season.


The December 2015 season—and a new card back along with it—await you next month!