Midrange Paladin has taken over the ladder, build your own deck to compete!

Paladin has officially bounced back from irrelevancy and now looks poised to be the class to beat a few weeks into the Journey to Un'Goro meta. Two distinct archetypes have emerged, a typical Midrange Paladin with some injected Murloc flavor and a heavier, but faster Murloc Paladin archetype. Today we're focusing on the former of the two and helping you put together your own decklist even if there isn't a ton of room for experimentation. 

This is good news because according to one user's math, Midrange Paladin will ultimately end up as the most popular archetype for the next few months.

For those who already know how to deckbuild, we still offer value by examining what pro players are frequently running in their decklists.

If you've missed our previous collaborations with Ray Walkinshaw, we've also done this with Midrange Hunter and Quest Rogue.

To start, we'll walk you through the core set of cards, what most players turn to after that, and then touch on a few tech cards and less popular choices after that.

The Core

With a remarkable 25 core cards, there already isn't much room to play with in Midrange Paladin decks. This is largely due to the incredible strength of Paladin's class cards combined with the obligations that come with running Murlocs. You need a certain number of Murlocs in your deck to justify running them at all and on top of that most would consider Gentle Megasaur one of the most important cards in the deck.

Card Number   Card Number
Vilefin Inquisitor 2   Consecration 2
Equality 2   Gentle Megasaur 2
Hydrologist 2   Truesilver Champion 2
Rockpool Hunter 2   Spikeridged Steed 2
Aldor Peacekeeper 2   Sunkeeper Tarim 1
Murloc Warleader 2   Ragnaros, Lightlord 1
Stonehill Defender 2   Tirion Fordring 1


The Main Attractions

These are the primary cards that players use to fill out the remaining five card slots.

The Curator serves as card draw and some players opt to add other Beasts or Primordial Drake to get more value out of it since we're normally only running Gentle Megasaur as our Beast draw. Wickerflame Burnbristle is just great value, especially when combined with Spikeridged Steed, but it is by no means a required card especially with Stonehill Defender already in the deck.

Vinecleaver is probably the most interesting inclusion. We didn't think it would be so popular, but it's actually in just under half of the Midrange Paladin decks that were sampled.

Note: The Number of Card Per Deck columns in the table below do not take into account decks that do not run the card. We simply seek to show you that when players run Golakka Crawler they usually include 1.5 copies of it.

In Decks Card # Per Deck   In Decks Card # Per Deck
82% The Curator 1.00   45% Primordial Drake 1.00
55% Stampeding Kodo 1.33   36% Wickerflame Burnbristle 1.00
45% Vinecleaver 1.00   36% Golakka Crawler 1.50

Tech Cards

Because there isn't a ton of room for experimentation in Midrange Paladin decks, players frequently plug and play a different tech card in their flex spot depending on the meta at any given time.

Lay on Hands and Ivory Knight make sense and lend the deck a more classic Midrange Paladin feel, but there are a ton of other options out there.

Some players opt for more Murlocs to help in the early game, others turn to Blessing of Kings for more burst, and one even goes out on a limb with Hemet, Jungle Hunter to remove dead drops in the late game.

In Decks Card # Per Deck   In Decks Card # Per Deck
27% Lay on Hands 1.00   9% Lost in the Jungle 2.00
18% Ivory Knight 1.00   9% Doomsayer 2.00
9% Forbidden Healing 1.00   9% Bluegill Warrior 2.00
9% Nesting Roc 2.00   9% Acolyte of Pain 1.00
9% Primalfin Lookout 2.00   9% Hemet, Jungle Hunter 1.00
9% Grimscale Chum 2.00   9% Dinosize 1.00
9% Murloc Tidecaller 2.00   9% Rallying Blade 1.00
9% Blessing of Kings 2.00   9% Second-Rate Bruiser 1.00

Potential Cuts

Outside of the optional cards, a few pros have opted to remove a few cards.

  • Spikeridged Steed - This is the most common card to be removed from the deck and we're honestly a bit surprised. Against aggro decks, the double taunt can oftentimes be too much for them to get through and still win the game.

  • Consecration - Makes sense if you aren't running into lots of small minions.

  • Gentle Megasaur - Only one player opted for this and we don't recommend it. On one hand, we understand that these can feel dead when you don't have any Murlocs on the board, but on the other it can be an instant win with a significant enough of a board presence.

  • Truesilver Champion - Doesn't hurt too much to remove a single Truesilver if you think another tech card will increase your win rate.

  • Equality - If you don't find yourself using this with Consecration you can remove it. That said, we've actually added Wild Pyromancer to our decklist to help with board clears.


Want an idea of exactly which cards go together? Here's Ray's graphic: