Let us help you put together your own Midrange Hunter decklist.

Midrange Hunter has returned triumphantly to Hearthstone. Fans of the archetype have been celebrating for nearly a week, but decks are still very much evolving as players continue to discover what helps the deck navigate the new waters of Un'Goro. This means there's a ton of flexibility in the class right now, much to the delight of deckbuilders. But for those of us who aren't fantastic at just throwing a deck together, what are the popular options right now?

Just like our Quest Rogue building guide, today we're tackling Midrange Hunter - once again with the help of Ray Walkinshaw.

To start, we'll walk you through the core set of cards, what most players turn to after that, and then touch on a few tech cards and less popular choices after that.

The Core

Ray finds that there are roughly 16 core cards that make up the identity of Midrange Hunter currently. It's a relatively small list but is expected to grow as players begin to refine what package offers the highest win rate, but as it stands, this leaves you with a ton of room for experimentation.

Card Number   Card Number
Alleycat 2   Animal Companion 2
Jeweled Macaw 2   Kill Command 2
Crackling Razormaw 2   Houndmaster 2
Kindly Grandmother 2   Savannah Highmane 2


The Main Attractions

There are about nine very traditional Midrange Hunter cards which include a few new Un'Goro additions: Golakka Crawler and Nesting Roc. The former is mostly an anti-Pirate tech card due to the proliferation of Quest Rogue's bouncing Swashburglar and Patches the Pirate. The latter is an extremely strong card that combos well with Alleycat and gives the Hunter a way to keep its minions alive.

Note: The Number of Card Per Deck columns in the table below do not take into account decks that do not run the card. We simply seek to show you that when players run Golakka Crawler they usually include two copies of it.

In Decks Card # Per Deck   In Decks Card # Per Deck   In Decks Card # Per Deck
75% Golakka Crawler 1.89   67% Fiery Bat 1.75   50% Infested Wolf 1.83
75% Eaglehorn Bow 1.33   58% Rat Pack 1.57   42% Nesting Roc 1.80
67% Scavenging Hyena 1.75   50% Unleash the Hounds 1.67   42% Deadly Shot 1.60

From looking at this data, there are a few things we have noted.

Back to TopEaglehorn Bow

Eaglehorn Bow isn't as amazing as it used to be. Hunters are no longer running Freezing Trap or Explosive Trap so it makes sense that the card as a whole isn't an auto-include anymore. However, it's interesting to note that only a minority of these decklists run multiple copies of the card. Out of all the above cards, it's easily the closest to averaging only a single copy per deck despite being used in the majority of them.

Again, we aren't saying the Hunter weapon is bad, in fact, it's incredibly strong considering it is still seeing play despite decks lacking the secrets to synergize with it.

We're just no longer in a world where you mindlessly slam two bows into your deck.

Back to TopFall of Stampede

This was perhaps the most interesting takeaway for us.

Stampede saw a lot of action when Journey to Un'Goro first came out. Players were combining it with lots of cheap beasts and Tundra Rhino for some great swings or simply using it to get some needed board presence.

Unfortunately, it's all but died off a week since it released. Maybe we'll see it return in some manner, but for now, it's clear that it doesn't fit in the most competitive of Hunter decks.

Secondary Choices and Tech Cards

All of these cards are used in a third of decks or less and are classified as either tech cards or are from a specific player taking a slightly different approach to the archetype which we talk about below.

In Decks Card # Per Deck   In Decks Card # Per Deck
33% Tol'vir Warden 1.75   17% Grievous Bite 1.00
33% Tundra Rhino 1.75   17% Dire Wolf Alpha 2.00
25% Vicious Fledgling 1.33   17% Tracking 2.00
25% Trogg Beastrager 1.67   8% Dinomancy 1.00
25% The Black Knight 1.00   8% Shaky Zipgunner 2.00
25% Ravasaur Runt 2.00   8% Giant Wasp 1.00
25% Bittertide Hydra 1.67   8% Volcanosaur 1.00
17% Hunter's Mark 1.50   8% Barnes 1.00
17% Call of the Wild 1.00   8% Knife Juggler 2.00
17% Fire Fly 2.00   8% Stubborn Gastropod 1.00

Back to TopZoo

We don't really classify it as Zoo, but some players like Jab have opted into a more Zoo-like Midrange Hunter deck. These lists are a bit heavier on light minions such as Fire Fly and Fiery Bat with Tol'vir Warden to draw them from your deck and keep the pressure on. Make sure to check out the packages below in Ray's graphic to see what some of the more popular combinations are.

Back to TopThe Black Knight

For the past week there's been a lot of talk about the potential return of The Black Knight and apparently it's finally reached a point where that's happened. There are a ton of Taunt Warriors out there and The Black Knight is a great way of getting in just a little more damage for lethal. We imagine this can win you more than a few games, but it's likely dead weight against the likes of Quest Rogue so keep that in mind before adding it.

Potential Cuts

Outside of the optional cards, a few pros have opted to remove what most would consider core parts of the deck. So while you can cut these, we don't recommend it.

  • Jeweled Macaw - Some players would rather not rely on RNG more than they have to so we completely understand why it has been cut a few times.

  • Kill Command - Only TidesOfTime was brave enough to cut this one.



Want an idea of exactly which cards go together? Here's Ray's graphic: