We walk you through creating your own Un'Goro Quest Rogue.

Quest Rogue has really taken Hearthstone by storm since Journey to Un'Goro's release. Not many saw it coming. Many predictions had The Caverns Below pegged as one of the worst Quest cards in the set. After all, many of the cards you need to make it competitive like Gadgetzan Ferryman and Youthful Brewmaster were at the bottom of the trash heap just last week.

Nonetheless, thanks to some experimentation the archetype has climbed the ranks with Dog bringing it to Rank 1 Legend just a few days ago. Others have followed suit, looking for ways to increase the deck's win rate against some of the tougher classes like Taunt Warrior and Silence Priest.

A recent image released by Ray Walkinshaw compares multiple pro decklists including those from Dog, Stancifka, Senfglas, and more.

We're going to walk you through creating your own Quest Rogue deck based on his information.

The Core

Ray finds that there are roughly 22 core cards that are the same across most decks. You're going to want to add all of these to your own before considering what else you want to add. In short, these are cards the deck needs to function as a whole, so you can't really do without any of them.

Card Number   Card Number   Card Number
Backstab 2   Southsea Deckhand 2   Gadgetzan Ferryman 2
Preparation 2   Swashburglar 2   Novice Engineer 2
Shadowstep 2   The Caverns Below 1   Youthful Brewmaster 2
Patches the Pirate 1   Eviscerate 2   Mimic Pod 2


The Rest

Here's what the players used to fill out the rest of the deck, sorted by the number of times the card was used.

There are a variety of different takes emerging lately. Some like Zero-meia have an Elemental focus with Flame Elemental, while others like Casie have Vanish to help remove taunts.

Note: The Number of Card Per Deck columns in the table below do not take into account decks that do not run the card. For example, we simply seek to show you that when players run Vanish, they always run two copies of it.

In Decks Card # Per Deck   In Decks Card # Per Deck   In Decks Card # Per Deck
75% Stonetusk Boar 1.89   33% Moroes 1.00   17% Golakka Crawler 1.5
67% Fan of Knives 2.00   33% Igneous Elemental 2.00   8% Bloodmage Thalnos 1.00
50% Edwin VanCleef 1.00   33% Coldlight Oracle 2.00   8% Bloodsail Corsair 1.00
50% Fire Fly 2.00   33% Glacial Shard 2.00   8% Wisp 2.00
42% Vanish 2.00   17% Bilefin Tidehunter 2.00   8% Bluegill Warrior 2.00
33% Violet Teacher 1.75   17% Shadowcaster 1.50        


Back to TopFire Fly

While the core Quest Rogue relies on bouncing back Novice EngineerSwashburglar, or Patches the Pirate, some players have started including Fire Fly and Igneous Elemental for more consistency. It slightly decreases the rate at which you completely go off using one of the core cards, but helps when you don't draw the required methods to return cards back to your hand.

Back to TopVanish

With the plethora of Taunt Warriors out there, Vanish helps this deck rush past the defensive line Garrosh and Magni like to set up.

Back to TopColdlight Oracle

You'll notice that most players running Coldlight Oracle also have Vanish in their decks. This is a more recent development as the Quest Rogue can find itself lacking enough minions to successfully push through Taunt Warrior. At the very least, it also helps the Rogue draw Vanish more consistently, which could be the difference between a win and a loss.

Back to TopGlacial Shard

This was one of the more interesting inclusions in our eyes. It makes sense. Freeze the enemy or enemy's minions so they can't attack while you continue to bounce it back to your hand.

Back to TopGolakka Crawler

Standard Pirate tech card. Helps improve the Pirate Warrior matchup where Quest Rogue can actually be too slow to eke out a victory.


Want an idea of exactly which cards go together? Here's Ray's graphic: