Perhaps it was more widely known when Hearthstone first launched, but each member of the Blizzard team has their own custom card in the game. They're only displayed when the credits roll (yes, there are credits), but they are indeed in the game files and available in our database! With a total of 46, there's too many to display here, but we'll be highlighting some of the more prominent developers that you've undoubtedly heard within the Hearthstone community.

Ben Brode - Lead DesignerBen Thompson - Art DirectorDean Ayala - Associate Designer
Verdict: AnnoyingVerdict: Worse than Feugen.Verdict: Insane
Mike Donais - Senior DesignerYong Woo - Senior ProducerMax Ma - Senior UI Designer
Verdict: Fair EnoughVerdict: NERF PLEASEVerdict: Still using desktop, sorry.
Cameron Chrisman - DeveloperEric Del Priore - Senior ProducerMax McCall - Designer
Verdict: Pay to win!Verdict: Cool, but not worth.Verdict: That Ben Brode synergy

Needless to say some of these are a little broken...On one hand Max Ma makes up for how terrible the mobile experience was thanks to the likes of Unearthed Raptor and Nozdormu, but Yong Woo is just broken beyond belief. And don't get us started on Dean Ayala.