With Blizzard's supposed focus on Wild, what should it do next?

With Blizzard's recent focus on Hearthstone's Wild format, many are wondering what direction the developer will take in the future. This month we've seen the debut of the first ever Wild Heroic Tavern Brawl, admissions from Blizzard that it is putting "additional focus into Wild this year," and an upcoming Wild tournament. The latest Omnislash video put together by Brian Kibler explores these facets of the game mode as he discusses how Blizzard can improve the format going forward.

In short, these are his suggestions:

  • Release tournament information.
  • Rerelease old expansions.
    • Old content, particularly adventures are a solid gold investment for those looking to play Wild.
  • Sale events.
    • Make Wild content available at a cheaper than normal price.
  • Revert old nerfs.