The Military Quarter recently hit the EU servers and it's coming out very soon for NA. This means, of course, we have some preliminary strategies for you to take with you down the hardest wing so far of Naxxramas. Remember that both the Shaman challenge and Warlock challenge unlocked tonight as well!

Looking for more information? We also have our general Curse of Naxxramas guide for you to check out! Good luck in Naxxramas tonight!

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There are two things you need to know about Instructor Razuvious. The first is that he's got a really big sword ( Massive Runeblade). The second is that he's got more than one of them. All joking aside, the weapon is his trump card which he'll use frequently. In heroic mode, it amps up to ten damage a swing, making it utterly imperative your deck stacks a lot of weapon removal; Acidic Swamp Ooze and Harrison Jones will be a perfect addition to any deck.

His hero power is equally strong. It's Unbalancing Strike and in heroic mode it costs only one mana and does one more damage. He also jumps up from 30 health to 55 as well, making him a much tougher opponent.

Razuvious starts out the fight with two Understudy cards already on the board. Luckily you'll never have to deal with them as you start with Mind Control Crystal. He'll almost always hero power in heroic mode or summon a Deathcharger if you steal his two taunters on turn one, so it is possible for you to wait to pick up his students for a few turns to save them damage. Sometimes he'll buff them with a Master Swordsmith he'll rush out.

You can also go for an immediate steal. In either case, he'll equip an Massive Runeblade on turn three if he has one in his hand. The whole mechanic of this fight is avoiding the damage done by his weapon by soaking it up with a solid wall of cards, using the provided two as a way to gain tempo on him by slowing his onslaught. As long as you can rush them out early or make the understudies into impenetrable walls, you'll be completely fine and avoid his initial burst. Be aware that he does have a The Black Knight in his deck and he also has a wall of taunters himself to help prevent you from simply rushing him. You want to aim for board control while having multiple high health cards on the board since he doesn't have much removal. Because of this, the Priest class works the best-- Divine Spirit and Inner Fire work very well with Understudy.

You'll also find cards like Sunfury Protector very useful, regardless of what class you go with.
His DeckRewards
For defeating Instructor Razuvious, you will get two Dancing Swords cards.

Back to TopHeroic Gothik the Harvester

Gothik the Harvester is a fight that plays well to a low mana curve deck. His hero power Harvest is annoying on normal since he'll never run out of cards, but it's devastating on heroic where he gains a mana crystal in addition to the free card each turn.

What he essentially does is outpace you by an incredible amount; you'll only be at five mana when he's at ten. However, he makes up for this by constantly giving you creatures. Whenever one of his spectral cards die, they'll create a weaker zero attack version of themselves on your board that does one damage to you a turn: Spectral Rider, Spectral Trainee, and Spectral Warrior. You'll want to take a mixture of his creatures and yours, because if you take all of them you'll simply die too fast.

An ideal class for this encounter is Shaman. You can summon totems to compliment the creatures he gives you and then buff the creatures he gives you through Flametongue Totem and Bloodlust. You can also go with Druid due to Savage Roar. No matter what class you choose, cards like Dire Wolf Alpha and Defender of Argus are excellent neutral cards. To defeat Gothik, you'll want to make the cards he gives you into useful tokens--ultimately using his own dead creatures against him to keep board control by throwing them into his minions. He plays a lot of Abomination and Unstable Ghoul cards, so you can make him kill his army through a clever use of trading while saving the majority of yours.
His DeckRewards
For defeating Gothik the Harvester, you will get two Spectral Knight cards.

Back to TopHeroic The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen force you to deal with three cards before finally attacking a boss. Until all horsemen die, the boss is immune to damage, so you need to take them out. Obviously cards like Doomsayer or Equality don't work, so don't waste your time getting too clever; Kel'Thuzad is on to you and your tricks, so he won't allow them to be played.

In heroic mode, each horseman gains an attack while keeping the same base health. Baron himself doubles in health as well. His weapon Runeblade gains damage on heroic as well. His hero power, while still vastly annoying, luckily doesn't change and remains a Warlock's power on steroids for both modes: Unholy Shadow.

It's a hard fight to rush and some streamers opted to just keep conceding until the RNG gods were in their favor. He has a lot of removal and he goes for the face when possible, meaning he'll very quickly do a lot of damage to you once he equips his weapon. You can play Priest or other classes with removal to try to deal with the horsemen, using Shadow Word: Pain or cards like Crazed Alchemist and Holy Smite to assassinate a horseman. You can even grab a Stampeding Kodo or two, but you'll need low level taunters to help absorb damage to get to the mana level you'll need for that card. Be aware that the longer the fight goes on, the more secrets he stacks up which can get quite frustrating; he has every Paladin secret and he plays them quite frequently, aiming to stack several on him at once, so it becomes a war in which he'll win if he's allowed to turtle.

There are a low of clever card combinations to use and once you have the removal figured out, he'll fall quickly. Definitely consider packing a Acidic Swamp Ooze and a Harrison Jones if you can spare them, as he has plenty of weapons and it will really hurt once you get his horsemen down and go into the final phase of the fight.
His DeckRewards
For defeating the Four Horsemen, you will get two Deathlord cards and one Baron Rivendare.