Temper your expectations with this chart of brawl rewards.

The Heroic Tavern Brawl has always been a controversial subject in the Hearthstone community. Many players just want their free packs and a fun game type to play each and every week. But others live and die for competitive gameplay and the high stakes rewards that come with the Constructed take on Arena. Many players are on the fence it seems, so when does it make sense to play the Heroic Brawl?

This is the third ever Heroic Tavern Brawl and the first ever that was for the Wild gametype, something Blizzard seems to be pushing this month.

Entry costs a hefty $9.99 or 1000 gold, enough to purchase you ten Journey to Un'Goro packs. But with this being a competition, you aren't guarenteed to earn your investement back.

Get two, one, or god-forbid zero wins and you'll find yourself walking away with three or less packs. 

The important thing to note here is that you're eliminated once you've reached three losses so you can't just take your 50% win rate for granted. Get unlucky in the first few matches, even if you would have bounced back, and you're out.

So when do you finally break even?

Heroic Tavern Brawl
Wins Profit (gold) Packs Dust Gold G. Legendary
0 -900.0 1      
1 -800.0 2      
2 -700.0 3      
3 -356.6 4 120 120  
4 -114.7 5 190 190  
5 46.2 6 220 220  
6 207.0 7 250 250  
7 367.9 8 280 280  
8 528.7 9 310 310  
9 1411.3 16 400 400  
10 3056.3 16 400 400 1
11 4863.6 16 480 480 2
12 11166.1 50 1100 1100 3

Chart sourced from HMC 10.30.‚Äč

You'll need to hit at least five wins to turn a very small profit on your investment.

The range of returns is incredible. Fail to win a single game and you've sunk 900 gold that never saw a return, but reach the top and hit 12 wins and you're walking away with more than 11,000 gold in value across packs, gold, dust, and golden legendaries.

Just be prepared to lose if you decide to try your hand in this week's Heroic Tavern Brawl. As appealing as those golden legendaries and packs sound, we very much prefer to watch.