All of the datamined info we've been able to find on this Lich King Raid.

During the weekend, someone "leaked" an upcoming Lich King Raid event that would support multiple players at the same time. It wasn't really a leak per se, considering the latest patch had lots of information about the event. Today, Blizzard confirmed the debut of gameplay during its GamesCom schedule so we decided it'd be a good time to share all of the information we know.

The event primarily seems aimed at Fireside Gatherings as there are multiple references to contacting your Innkeeper.

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  • The Lich King's strength can be adjusted for any number of players from two to more than 25.

  • The Lich King can throw one of his underlings into the mix which you'll have to defeat before he returns.

  • There are three stages to a raid.

  • Heroes will be swapped out at some point.

  • This is primarily a Fireside Gathering event.

  • He can't be fatigued.

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There are a few difficulties to the raid, but Innkeepers can continue to adjust how the raid will pan out using other cards in the system.

There are two Hero Powers associated with this event.


The Lich King will have a few cards up his sleeve to put the fight in his favor.

Heroes will be swapped out at some point.

Your Innkeeper can adjust the strength of The Lich King using these cards.

Players will be able to select what class they want to use.

The following cards have no images, but help us glean some information.

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NEW FB_LK_INTRO_02 : Player 1 goes first, work together to defeat The Lich King!
NEW FB_LK_INTRO_01 : This Brawl is best played by two players seated side-by-side!

NEW FB_LK_HERO_01 : Supreme Lich King
NEW FB_LK_HERO_02 : Blood-Queen Lana'thel
NEW FB_LK_HERO_03 : Professor Putricide
NEW FB_LK_HERO_04 : Lord Marrowgar
NEW FB_LK_HERO_05 : Sindragosa

NEW FB_LK_HEROSWITCH : Player 2's Turn! Keep it up!

NEW FB_LK_BOSSSWITCH : Defeat The Lich King's Lieutenant and force him to return!

NEW FB_LK_DEAD_01 : Congratulation Champions! The Lich King has been defeated!
NEW FB_LK_DEAD_02 : Contact your Fireside Innkeeper to challenge him again!