Want to play Wild? It's entirely affordable.

A recent investigation by Ray Walkinshaw, a four-time Legend player and podcaster known as Blisterguy, has found that Hearthstone's Wild Ladder isn't just a place for the game's most elite players who have tons of time or money to spend. By examining the Wild Hearthstone subreddit's monthly tier list, he was able to find that many of the best Wild decks aren't all that expensive, even if Dr. Boom will forever be considered one of the best cards ever released.

There are many players who complain about the ever-growing cost of playing Hearthstone. Naturally, as time goes on there are more and more cards to collect and a variety of decks to play them in. Some may require a card or two that you don't have which need to be crafted, others may need some gold investment to unlock a wing of an adventure. Blizzard introduced Standard to help deal with this burgeoning problem and while it has and will continue to alleviate some of the long-term issues new players face, it's also instilled this idea that Wild is where people who are willing to spend a ton of money play.

This preconception largely stems from the fact that the only two Wild sets, at least right now, can't be purchased from the in-game store. Instead, players must craft the exact cards they want utilizing Arcane Dust which is primarily earned through disenchanting copies of cards. Therefore, the most logical way to get Wild cards is to buy a lot of Hearthstone packs and hope you open up a lot of cards that are duplicates. The other option is to simply get rid of cards you don't think you're ever going to use which is unfortunately not an option for many players who have hopes of eventually having a complete collection.

But for those who aren't sensitive to what cards they do and do not own, it's viable to scrap cards that aren't popular are too niche. This does open the door to buyers remorse, however, as cards take roughly four times as much dust to craft as they reward when disenchanted.

Again, this leads many players to come to the conclusion that everyone in Wild has dropped a ton of money into Hearthstone in an effort to have the best cards from past sets or has been around long enough to have a huge collection anyway.

Blisterguy, however, has found that it might not be as expensive as people like to think.

He's prepared a few images that examine the top 18 decks from the Wild Hearthstone March Tier List and the most expensive - Water Rogue - is only so because of the likes of Loatheb who can easily be replaced.

Thanks to Ray for giving us permission to repost his images.