Not sure where to start with today's Un'Goro patch? We've got you covered.

We've finally arrived at Un'Goro Crater with Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro! We wouldn't want you to get lost so we've put together a quick welcome guide for your perusal. We give you the rundown of what's new, offer a few pieces of advice, provide you with all of the information you need to stay safe, and recommend a few places to spectate the action. If you're feeling adventurous, we can't blame you, we also have a few decklists that should help you prepare for a journey of a lifetime.

Release Date

  • Americas: Available now!

  • Europe: Available now!

  • Asia - Pacific: Available now!

What To Play

Throughout the day we'll be adding decks that pro players and streamers are experimenting with.











Maiev Shadowsong

An all-new Rogue hero is now available in Hearthstone! Just win ten Standard games in either Ranked or Casual!

New Quests

There were only a few new quests in this patch with one of them being a way to unlock the new Rogue hero skin, Maiev Shadowsong. However, there were a few others which will grant three free Un'Goro packs and Fight Promoter. Why Fight Promoter? We have no idea.

  • Happy New Year!

    • Reward: 3 Un'Goro Packs

  • Free Card Day!


Expect to see a lot of Un'Goro cards in the Arena, they'll be offered about 25% more.


Okay, so you have dust leftover now, what do you do with it? Honestly, it's probably best to craft the epics that you need for archetypes you want to run. But if you have your mind set on legendary minions like we do, we have a few pieces of advice.

  • Hold off on crafting class legendaries. Even if they seem fantastic they could end up not seeing any play and you may end up wasting your arcane dust. Kalimos, Primal Lord seems to be the best of them if you absolutely have to.

  • Don't disenchant a legendary just because you think it's bad. Pro players and streamers didn't think Dr. Boom was all that great and he ended up being the best minion ever released.

  • Quests are probably some of the safest crafts depending on the class. We think it's safe to craft Fire Plume's Heart.


Who To Watch

Don't feel like playing? No problem. There's sure to be plenty of streamers building new decks and taking on the ladder. Here are a few we recommend

Tips & Tricks

Give Wild Pyromancer Poisonous through Adapt and he can wipe an entire board!

Feeling greedy? Spiritsinger Umbra into Living Mana does exactly what you think it does. (It gives you the mana back right away)

Galvadon can indeed get the same Adapt option more than once. Don't choose Taunt twice or it's a waste!

Want something fun? Explore Un'Goro is the new Renounce Darkness!

Pack Opening

We cracked open a total of 58 Journey to Un'Goro packs. After disenchanting our duplicates, this is what we ended up with:

  • Commons: 94

  • Golden Commons: 5

  • Rares: 52

  • Golden Rares: 3

  • Epics: 10

  • Golden Epics: 0

  • Legendaries: 2

  • Golden Legendaries: 0

Free Dust

Wondering where all that Arcane Dust came from? With Un'Goro's release, Blizzard moved six Classic cards - Sylvanas WindrunnerRagnaros the FirelordAzure DrakeIce LanceConceal, and Power Overwhelming - to the new Hall of Fame set. This makes them Wild instead of Standard and rather than giving you a full dust refund and encouraging the disenchanting of these cards, the developer opted to just let everyone keep the cards and give them the full dust value for them instead.

It is worth noting that you've only received dust for the highest quality up to the number that you can put in your deck. That is if you have both a golden and normal Sylvanas, you've only received the 1600 dust for the golden Sylvanas. If you have one golden Azure Drake, you got dust for one golden copy and one normal copy, not all three.

New Secrets

There's only one new Secret in Un'Goro, the Mage spell Mana Bind.

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All Un'Goro Cards

The complete Journey to Un'Goro set is now available in our database and deckbuilder including golden cards!


Each class is receiving one legendary Quest spell that rewards the player when certain criteria are met. Cards with the Quest keyword are always in your opening hand, but you can mulligan them away if you want.  For example, Priest's Awaken the Makers gives you an incredibly power legendary minion - Amara, Warden of Hope - once you've summoned seven Deathrattle minions.

  • All Quests cost one mana and you can only have one Quest active at a time.

  • Quests do take up space from Secrets. That is, if you have a Quest in play, you can only have four Secrets in play.

  • These do count as spells meaning they can be duplicated by Lorewalker Cho

  • The rewards they generate are not collectible cards, they are tokens.

  • Quest cards will not show in Arena.



The minions of Un'Goro have learned to quickly Adapt to their surroundings and a new Hearthstone keyword has emerged as a result. When you play a minion with this effect, you'll effectively Discover three of ten possible adaptations. These vary from gaining other keywords like Taunt to straight up buffs.

  • The complete pool is

    • +1/+1 

    • Poisonous 

    • Stealth until your next turn.

    • Divine Shield

    • Windfury

    • Taunt

    • Can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers. 

      • +3 Health

    • +3 Attack

    • Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Plants.

  • When combined with Brann Bronzebeard you are able to pick the same adaptation twice.

  • The Deathrattle granted by Adapt will not effect N'Zoth, the Corruptor.


Elemental Minion Type

There are many Elementals in Un'Goro Crater. Apparently, so many that it was worth making an all new minion type to support it. As a result, previous elemental type minions will have the tag added to their card.


Ranked Card Back

As revealed in Tuesday's patch, April's card back is Un'Goro themed! Just get to Rank 20 this month and it's yours!


Sometime in the past, the Hearthstone community realized that Blizzard's algorithm, which rewards cards when you open packs, are tuned such that as you approach 40 packs in a row without a legendary, the odds become increasingly likely. To a lesser extent, there is also one for epics, but most use the tool just to keep track of when they're overdue for a legendary since each pack type is tracked independently.

It requires you to enter each pack manually but that isn't a big deal unless you're adding a ton of packs at once. Doing so allows you to view your pack opening history and the site even allows you to sort by various criteria. We've included our ten best packs in terms of dust value since we started using the service.

So make sure to keep track for the new set so you know when you're getting close to a legendary draw!