Blizzard is releasing an Arena leaderboard tomorrow.

After a few delays, Game Designer Dean Ayala says that the first ever monthly Arena leaderboard will be released tomorrow, February 9. Blizzard originally promised delivery of this information back in a special Developer Insights Livestream that was held over on Twitch.

Their plan at the time was to include the Top 100 Arena players who have at least 30 runs under their belt that month with the table showing the highest average number of wins.

"Sorry to be so late on the update for this. We wanted to have it up by today but unfortunately ran into some issues pulling the data down from the [database]," says Ayala. "These aren't data queries we run often and things were looking smooth up until the end of the month, but there were some problems pulling down data for the 30th and 31st."

The data is being "reviewed" this morning though Ayala says the team is confident and "barring any other setbacks, we've set the post date to 2/9, so hopefully all goes smoothly from here.

"Sorry again for the late notice and miscommunication, we should be more timely with this in the future now that we've worked out some of the kinks."