This month we recommend Dragon Warrior, Dragon Priest, and Aggro Shaman!

There comes a time where every Hearthstone player finds themselves stuck on the ladder either falling through the ranks or simply not getting anywhere. At that point, it's very easy to feel a bit lost and turned off from even playing at all, but now that January is halfway over, it's safe to say that most players are close to being slotted where they should be in the ladder system. As a result, it should start getting easier for all players to start pushing towards their end of season goal, whatever that may be.

We've scoured the Internet and based on what we've seen from pro players and our own personal experiences, we've picked out three decks that are set to succeed currently.

If you're interested in what we recommended last month, you can find that here.


Amnesiac's #1 Legend Aggro Shaman - January 2017

Aggro Shaman continues to be one of the best decks in all of Hearthstone so we can't remove it from this list. However, we've switched away from the experimentation that was happening this time last month, just week's after the launch of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. Instead, we're going with a more tried-and-true list put together by NRG's Amnesiac.

Though he technically reached Rank 1 Legend on December 30, it remains the standard Aggro Shaman list and continues to perform well for us as well.

We believe the most interesting change to be the removal of a single Azure Drake. Admittedly this can leave you with less card draw in games that go a little long, but it certainly helps you have fewer cards that don't immediately go face. There's also a slight trade-off in that there's one fewer card to activate Spirit Claws.


Hotform's Legend Dragon Priest - January 2017

Drakonid Operative has seriously propelled Dragon Priest towards the top of the charts. What was just a pipe dream months ago is now a reality and it's mostly thanks to this one single card.

Against, decks with similar tempo to your own, it's a great body and stealing what should be a good card from the opponent never feels bad. That element of surprise can oftentimes win you the match outright.

As long as you aren't against a Jade deck, but still facing Control, the Brann Bronzebeard combo helps you get insane amounts of value out of your cards.

Don't even get us started on the Dragon Priest mirror matches where you can feasibly summon upwards of five Operatives.


Zalae's Dragon Warrior - January 2017

We're a little tired of Pirate Warrior and Dragon Warrior is on the rise so we're recommending this list by Zalae instead. It was actually built for an open cup tournament and not the ladder, but in that competition, it went 12-4 and was one of the most important decks for him there.

It still incorporates some of the aggression people have come to expect with a single Arcanite Reaper and multiple copies of Upgrade!, but it also has Netherspite Historian which most would consider a slower card.



January 2017 Card Back

Remember that you only have to reach Rank 20 to earn this month's card back, Grimy Goons, the second of the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan family themed rewards since its release in December.