Hearthstone is ready to return to your Android devices.

Rejoice mobile Hearthstone players! Those of you who play on Android devices just got some excellent news. Blizzard has pushed an update to the store that addresses the amount of storage required by our favorited collectible card game.

With the ever growing size of the Android operating system and other applications, Hearthstone has come to be known as a resource hog, using up many gigs of space on your internal storage.

When we spoke to Senior Producer Yong Woo at BlizzCon he explained the conundrum Blizzard was facing. "You effectively have to redownload the app every time and we're not satisfied with that. And we want that to be clear to the community that we aren't satisfied with that and we're actively working on improving that situation."

Luckily today is that day according to the Android store. As you can see from the pictures below, with a fresh install we were able to get all of Hearthstone on our phone at only 1.98 GB, much less than it has taken up previously.

"Super excited about rolling out the Android download experience / file size improvement," exclaims Yong Woo over on Twitter.


We’ve made some optimizations to Android distribution! This will change how Hearthstone is downloaded and will help lead to a smaller install size and smoother patching in the future.

For more information, please visit www.playhearthstone.com


Thanks to Reddit user Vigasaurus for allowing us to use their images for this post.