With the last matches of last week's group stage, the final bracket for the Hearthstone World Championship finals at BlizzCon have been set! We saw Kno triumph over JAB, Kranich sweep Lifecoach with his anti-control decks, Hotform and Neilyo duke it out in a full five game series, and Pinpingho claim victory over Purple. All of that considered, here's what the bracket for this week looks like:


For those looking for the schedule, the action starts on Friday with a Preshow at 11:45 AM PST with the competition starting shortly thereafter. It will continue on Saturday with the Semifinals at 10:30 AM PST and the Finals closing things out at 2 o'clock.

In the mean time, let's take one final look at some stats before this group of sixteen descends on Anaheim.

With only one Priest player who went 2-0, it'll remain undefeated until this week's competition. Oil Rogue charged forward and propelled itself into the true lead as the best win rate with more than five games played. Warrior was finally dealt a few blows as Control Warrior came up lacking while the majority of the remaining classes found themselves around the .500 mark.


Zoolock, Oil Rogue, and Secret Paladin surged to steal a few wins away while control decks basically imploded. Control Warrior, Handlock, and Freeze Mage all find themselves at the bottom of the heap with a sub .400 win ratio.