Remember when they said that the Warsong Commander would be the end of Grim Patron Warrior? Well two players stuck with it in this year's Hearthstone World Championship and after four games it's, well, undefeated. Only Dragon Priest and Handlock at 2-0 and 1-0, respectively can still claim to be undefeated.


Midrange Druid and Face Hunter have the highest win rates out of the decks that have at least ten games played. Mage seems to be struggling a significant amount which is strange considering how well Tempo Mage usually does against the Druid class. We'll have to see how some of the less played decks fare as the competition goes on. As of right now it seems like those that chose classes other than the staples have been rewarded for doing so.

On a class by class basis we get even more proof of that.


Warrior is currently 7-2, way above any class that has more than just a few games played. Shaman finally bit the bullet as the main two shaman players Pinpingho and DieMang met in the second round. The latter claimed victory with a more aggressive Mech Shaman. In the grand scheme of things, Mage is really struggling with only eight wins in 21 games.

Thijs, Zoro, Ostkaka, and DieMang have all secured their spot in the Finals next week at Blizzcon. Four more spots remain but we still have eight contestants. Their fates will be decided tomorrow on the last day of the group stages.