The recent nerf of Warsong Commander left many wondering what would fill the gap left behind on the competitive stage. Preliminary rankings had Murloc Paladin *Karazhan* and Druid archetypes like Aggro ( Face) and Midrange taking control of the meta. But after the first four matches of this year's Hearthstone World Championships, it's clear that things may not be as cut and dry as the community imagined.

Let's start things off by taking a look at which classes were brought to the competition. Surprisingly all nine were utilized with Druid being the most popular, Priest being the least. As you can see, Warrior has fallen significantly with the fall of Patron Warrior with both Druid and Mage rising up to take its place. Despite the fact that Patron Warrior was the main factor holding Zoolock back, it continues to be underrepresented. Meanwhile the Asian regions were just crazy enough to bring Shaman to the table and it managed to walk away 1 - 0 on the afternoon.


But how did they actually fare today? Out of all classes with at least three matches played, Warrior has done the best. Hunter, Druid, and Mage, the only other classes with at least three games tracked all sit at or below 50 percent. Priest and Shaman both sport one match each and those were victories, we'll have to see how long they can remain undefeated.

hwcwinratec3.pngOn an archetype basis, Midrange Druid actually struggled a decent bit before rebounding towards the end. At one point it stood on one win and six losses, not a very great win rate for a deck that's frequently pegged as one of the most consistent in all of Hearthstone.

NLThijs had the pleasure of opening the competition with a match against NoTomorrow and he had one of the best performances of the day. His Patron Warrior, Dragon Priest, and Freeze Mage were all expertly tuned to deal with aggressive decks and as a result NoTomorow just couldn't really do anything.

Thus far we've seen 21 of the 24 possible decks played leaving us with the following information:
  • Midrange Druid - 6
  • Freeze Mage - 3
  • Patron Warrior - 2
  • Zoolock - 2
  • Face Hunter - 1
  • Dragon Priest - 1
  • Midrange Hunter - 1
  • Oil Rogue - 1
  • Control Warrior - 1
  • Midrange Shaman - 1
  • Midrange Paladin - 1
  • Hybrid Hunter - 1
We've come a long way since it was constant aggro, huh? Lots of Control and Midrange decks to go around with Aggro sparingly spread throughout. Only eight of the 16 competitors have played thus far however, so there's still lots of room for change.

Blizzard doesn't yet have the full VOD uploaded on their YouTube, but you can catch the stream in its entirety over on Twitch.