FalconePunch and the Hearthhead staff weigh in.
Within the next week or so, seven Hearthstone cards will be nerfed and the community has been a bit riled by the announcement. Many are glad that Shaman will finally be in check, Call of the Wild won't be as broken, and Yogg-Saron, Hope's End may not be as rampant of an issue.

But of course, there are those decrying the changes, saying Yogg was fine and should have been left alone, that Charge will never see play anymore, and some insist it was Doomhammer that needed the nerf, not Rockbiter Weapon.

The Hearthhead staff has its own thoughts on the changes which you can either read below or watch in this latest video from FalconePunch55.

FalconePunch55 is a professional Hearthstone Caster and Content Creator, he has been streaming Hearthstone for over two years, and in that time has hit Legend almost every month, peaking at Rank 14. Therefore he's probably a bit more qualified than we are to talk about the impact these will have so we highly recommend you give it a listen!

This one comes as no surprise. The community told Blizzard after the last wave of nerfs, just prior to the launch of Standard, that the Rockbiter Weapon + Doomhammer combo was simply too powerful and would need to be adjusted in the future. Sure enough, the developer has opted to increase the mana cost of the spell that puts Doomhammer just across the line of too strong.

Because of this, Shamans will now have to wait for an addition turn, until turn seven, to push out a massive ten damage swing. Obviously, this is more of a drawback for the ever popular Aggro Shaman than it is for the Midrange version which won't change all that much as a result, it's just slightly weaker.

A much bigger change for the Shaman class, Tuskarr Totemic can now only summon Basic totems.

On one hand, we're glad to see this happen. There's no worse feeling in Hearthstone than having a three mana minion summon a total of 6/6 in stats via Totem Golem. Unfortunately, this is the main interaction that probably put the card into the problematic category for Blizzard. But the rest really aren't terrible offenders when it comes to balance.

The developers were probably hoping that they could get away with simply leaving the card as is until it cycles out of Standard and then it would naturally decrease in power as more totems are released. It may have been somewhat of a limiting factor going forward in just how strong a minion with the Totem tag could be, but we're in the group that thinks it would have been fine in the long run. With the Hearthstone World Championships coming up and at least five to six more months of play with this, though, it makes sense that Blizzard decided to take action.

As a note, here's what changed:

Tuskarr Totemic Can Summon: Healing Totem, Searing Totem, Stoneclaw Totem, Wrath of Air Totem, Mana Tide Totem, Flametongue Totem, Totem Golem

To understand why Call of the Wild was nerfed you really need to see how the meta as a whole has been working. Despite releasing in Whispers of the Old Gods, Call of the Wild wasn't enough to push Hunter over the edge into a Tier 1 deck. It wasn't until later when more powerful early game minions came out in One Night In Karazhan that the class really started to shine again. And that's saying something considering this was an eight mana spell that gave you at least nine mana worth of minions from a conservative point of view.

That's not to mention that Midrange Hunter is naturally countered by Aggro and Midrange Shaman. If these two decks weren't as popular as they are right now, you'd see Hunter dominating the ladder instead. Since the developer has already made two targeted nerfs at those, they're actively aware that the Hunter class is probably too strong to go untouched as a result.

Because of this, you'll no longer be able to play Call of the Wild and hero power on the same turn with a full mana bar unless you have The Coin, making the card as a whole a bit more awkward.

It wasn't that long ago that we lived in a world where Warrior had something like five different archetypes that all found themselves inside the top tier of decklists. This went on for nearly two months and it seems like Blizzard wants to avoid having this happen after Shaman and Hunter get their fair share of nerfs as well.

Making Execute cost one more mana does a few things. It makes it a bit more clunky for Warriors to maneuver around, there have been plenty of times in recent memory that we would have not be able to activate this if it didn't cost one mana.

To be fair, Warriors are the kings of removal and between this and Shield Slam it was almost too easy to eliminate every threat that was thrown at you. Now you'll have to be a bit more careful in the early game where your activation options are limited.

For more Tempo oriented decks like Dragon Warrior this is a much bigger change. That one mana can be the difference between you playing a minion and removing a threat versus simply removing a threat.

One-turn kills aren't fun. You know this. Blizzard knows this. The rise of OTK Warrior to the mainstream was deemed unhealthy for the scene, especially with Arcane Giant on the rise.

You can still throw this on a minion such as Grim Patron or even Magnataur Alpha, as some are theorizing, so it may not become completely irrelevant, but it certainly won't be common.

The old Leper Gnome treatment. When cards become a staple in aggressive decks for their activations but still carry a significant enough body to be a major threat, Blizzard usually acts. This is one such case where Abusive Sergeant is mostly used for the Attack buff, but also because it's a strong minion for one mana.

We believe this is how Yogg-Saron, Hope's End should have been from the beginning. It only makes sense that it would stop casting spells once it died, removed from the field, or Silenced. Carry on with the "soul of the cards" meme, but we think Blizzard really knocked this one out of the park.

According to Hearthstone pros, it's still viable but probably won't see play in tournaments and that's really what the balance team wanted to accomplish here.