In the latest Hearthstone patch we found references to an event called Friend Week. Late last night the event went live on the Asia server called Friendly Feud Week which allows you to earn progress on your quests by challenging your friends. Early this morning it also went live in Europe and the Americas.

A few tips:
  • Play something different! There's no punishment for losing.
  • Don't concede! Even if your opponent has lethal, people are reporting that you don't always get your rewards.
  • Matches must take a certain amount of time, so make sure you actually put up a fight.
  • According to the patch there is a "daily limit for Friend Challenge quest rewards." We aren't sure what this is yet, so just be aware of it.
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Let’s Play Friendly Feud!

Hearthstone is always better with friends, and this week only you’ll be rewarded with more than fun for battling your buddies! Welcome to the Friendly Feud! During this event two normal Hearthstone players can come together to battle it out for glory, honor, the joy of playing AND quest rewards. That’s right, for just one week you can complete quests and receive the rewards when you throw down in Friendly Challenges with your pals!

Friend list looking a little sparse? No worries! You can Recruit A Friend to join you for some Hearthstone fun! The Friendly Feud is the perfect time to introduce a new player to Hearthstone, since you can help them complete quests, earn some gold, and have a great time learning the ropes.

Friend Challenge!

Even after the Friendly Feud is over, the fun continues because a brand new quest joined the line-up last week: Friend Challenge! When you see Friend Challenge in your quest log just choose a deserving friend on your list, issue them a Friendly Challenge, and then play out the match. After your match ends you’ll both be showered in riches! And by riches, we mean 80 gold! Be sure to finish your games to collect your winnings.

Remember, the Friendly Feud ends on July 24, so collect your companions and get ready to rumble right away. Don't forget to play your matches to completion!

Survey says? FUN! 

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