You may have noticed a distinct lack of quests worth more than 40 gold and players have finally started to come together and realize that there's a bug involved. It seems as if the only high value quest available right now is Everybody! Get in here!, for winning five Tavern Brawls.

Update 8/15/16: Blizzard has pushed a hotfix live to remedy the issue.

???? A hotfix to address certain Quests that were not added to the random Quest pool is now live. ????

"I paid attention to it. I'm doing dailies on all 3 servers and always reroll quests because I never do the 40g ones unless my log is full then I do 1," says Reddit user Hito_Z.

"Well I can say that I never received a 60g quest beside the Brawl one in the last couple of days, which was a red flag for me as well because I got that quest on all 3 servers. The chance of that happening is pretty small especially if we consider how many different quests there are."

You can view more user testomonials in this thread and this announcement.

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