We gather all the important info from the panel!

The Hearthstone Q&A panel is just around the corner and it looks like we'll be listening to Yong Woo, Mike Donais, Peter Whalen, and Matt Place of the Hearthstone development team as they answer the community's most pressing questions.

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Answers will be mostly paraphrased, anything that is a direct quote will be in quotation marks.

Is Ben Brode's baby cute?



Is there any plans for more co-op content?

  • We've really liked what we've done so far.
  • More co-op modes is great.


Updating the Arena?

  • We're really passionate about the Arena.
  • We'd like to tune it better.
  • Working on more technologies for balance.
  • "If we want Flamestrike to never show up we can do that."
  • "What if you pick a Murloc, you're always going to get Murlocs after that."


How does Yong get so handsome?

  • "I'm only second handsome-est to Dean Ayala."


Are you interested in expanding Hearthstone's lore?

  • We're looking at expanding with short stories.


Why no new keywords?

  • Sometimes they feel like mechanics don't need new keywords if they aren't widespread enough.


Adding a new hero class?

  • It's something we talk about a lot.
  • "We don't want to create a new class if it steals design space from another class."


Earning old card backs and ranked ladder.

  • We'd love to.
  • "After seeing [ranked] in action [we're talking about updating it]"


Hearthstone API

  • No plans in the near future.


Are you happy with the current release schedule?

  • Always considering new ways to release content.
  • Is a small card pack a month interesting?
  • But we're happy with the current schedule.


Talk about tri-class cards.

  • Balancing one card across three classes can be hard.
  • Opens up a bit more flavor to each class.
  • About getting something in addition to what they already have.


The health of the Priest class and more archetypes.

  • "What kinds of different archetypes can we make for Priest?"
  • What are fun Priest cards and unfun Priest cards?
  • We've worked on three archetypes for this expansion.
  • One of those is Dragon. Another is the "Reno" type. Third is the "tricky Priest deck with lots of spells."


Balancing Heroic bosses.

  • It's different for every player due to varying collections.
  • Idea is to make it fun for most players.


Do you think increasing frequency of new sets in Arena is overpowered?

  • When we have more control we'll probably change the way we handle this.


How did Midrange Shaman become so powerful in Standard?

  • We knew Shaman was really weak and we design pretty far in advance.
  • So we put some new Shaman cards in, they aren't doing well enough, so we put more in.
  • We're okay if it's at 55% since it's been at 45% for so long.


Variance in Hearthstone.

  • We inject this, but it's important that sets feel different each time.
  • Randomness needs to be somewhat predictable.
  • Different types of cards will be good after new sets, there's an ebb and flow.


Does art come before design or design before art?

  • A lot of collaboration.
  • Concepts start early and come together to form new ideas.


In client tournaments?

  • We've been talking about this for a while.
  • Concept of it differs between players, many types of fantasies.
  • Friendly tournaments, 64-player brackets, others just want high intensity.


Where'd Heroic Brawl go?

  • Blizzard adjusts plans based on feedback.
  • It's still coming.


Any plans on new goals for players with maxed out stats?

  • Hearthstone World Championship, says Peter Whalen, sort of joking.


How do you deal with any backlash that may not be accurate?

  • It's coming from passionate people and it's usually good feedback regardless.
  • Helps us decide what to address.


Any hope of the more random autofill deck creation returning?

  • Maybe we can do that in Tavern Brawl.
  • We don't think bringing back a worse autofill is a good idea, though.


Any way to export collections so we can do this ourselves?

  • We've thought about making ways to send decks to friends and such.
  • Yong thinks everyone would like that, "So let's do it, let's make it happen."


Are you okay with the Tempo based state of Hearthstone? More efficient AoE?

  • AoE is very important. We're willing to experiment more in that direction.
  • "After Mean Streets of Gadgetzan there's going to be a bit more [AoE]" - Whalen


Class balancing.

  • Okay if classes have an ebb and flow.
  • Ideal to have multiple classes close together, but what's really important is every class has a time to shine.


Any plans for sideboards?

  • Sideboards are a cool idea. Maybe we can try it in a Tavern Brawl.
  • In competitive Hearthstone, different classes sort of function as sideboards.


Practice mode against AI where you can build their deck?

  • Cool idea. No plans to put that in, but something we could do.


Tyrande. Figured out how to release the skin in other places of the world? When are other skins coming?

  • We're very interested in getting an alternate hero for all of the classes.
  • We can make skins available in multiple ways.
  • We're working on Tyrande.


Ways to group or favorite cards in our collections?

  • Just talked about this a week or two ago. Would be really nice.
  • No plans right now.


Is the intro process too slow? Negative experience at Fireside Gatherings.

  • We're excited to make this process better, especially in cases like this.


Any way to expand game to more than two players?

  • Co-op brawls we've used the tools that we had.
  • We'll keep experimenting in that direction, but it'll probably be small steps.


More physical events in HCT?

  • Lots of plans to leverage Fireside Gathering events.