Hearthstone patch 5.2.2 is now live! It contains a series of hotfixes for both the regular client and mobile applications. More interesting than that however, is some sort of reference to free packs!

So far all we've managed to find is a single string: "set_rotation_2016_free_packs" has now been activated. Seems like Blizzard is planning some sort of free pack promotion as part of the upcoming adventure. This is very similar to what we experienced with the Whispers of the Old Gods promotion where special quests granted you ten total packs. In the strings those were defined as "set_rotation_2016_questline."
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Hearthstone Update – July 26, 2016

In this Hearthstone update we fixed a few bugs!

Read on for details!
  • We fixed an issue that prevented some players from starting a game
  • Morgl’s hero power is now correctly animated
  • Your quests should now display correctly
  • [Mobile] Performance has been improved for mobile devices and tablets
  • [Mobile] Those pesky vines that could show up during the mulligan phase have been pruned from Standard icons
  • [iOS] iPhone SE should now display the correct UI
  • [Apple] Addressed a crash on iPhone 6 Plus and Mac devices