Blizzard has released a small Hearthstone patch this morning with a bunch of bug fixes including a properly scaling Scaled Nightmare. There's also new strings for the Shadow Towers brawl and Blizzard now officially supports the use of TOG, WOTOG, WOG, and Old Gods as shorthand for Whispers of the Old Gods.

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Looks like last week's Tavern Brawl, Shadow Towers, actually had physical towers at some point. Wonder why Blizzard ended up choosing to exclude them from the release? Sounds like they granted minions next to them permanent stealth. So not only would you have to kill the tower, but you'd actually have to kill the minion too if you wanted to remove it from the field.
  • Added TB_SHADOWTOWERS_ADJACENTMINIONS: "Minions next to a tower are Stealthed and Can't Attack."
  • Added TB_SHADOWTOWERS_SHADOWSPAWNED: "If a side has no tower, then one is summoned."
  • Added TB_SHADOWTOWERS_SHADOWSPAWNEDNEXT: "Missing towers are replaced at the start of their owner's turn."

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Although TOG is the global abbreviation for Whispers of the Old Gods, Blizzard has officially added support for WOTOG, WOG, and Old Gods, though those may vary depending on your region.
  • Added GLOBAL_CARD_SET_OG_SEARCHABLE_SHORTHAND_NAMES.COMMENT: "This is a space-separated list indicating all of the allowable search keywords that can be used in Collection Manager screen's text-search feature to narrow down the cards to this specific Card Set via shorthand names (note: the full name above is also used for this feature). Also note: letter case is ignored. For Whispers of the Old Gods, 'tog' should be available in all locales; wotog and wog are additional English shorthands, which should be replaced by locale specific variants."
  • Added GLOBAL_CARD_SET_OG_SHORT: "Old Gods"

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For those that are new to Hearthstone, Blizzard has added a section to the tutorial about game formats.
  • Added VO_INNKEEPER_HAVE_ONE_STANDARD_DECK: "You've got a Standard deck, but you can always create more in your Collection!"
  • Added VO_INNKEEPER_HAVE_STANDARD_DECKS: "You've got some Standard decks, but you can always create more in your Collection!"
  • Added VO_INNKEEPER_PLAY_STANDARD_TO_WILD: "If you make a wild deck, you can only use it in wild games."
  • Added VO_INNKEEPER_WILD_DECK_WARNING: "That deck is only for Wild games."
  • Added VO_INNKEEPER_WILD_GAME: "A Wild game! Get ready - you're sure to see old cards in here!"

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Back to TopUpdates for June 1, 2016

  • Addressed an issue that could cause the game to freeze if you back out of deck creation after playing a Tavern Brawl.
  • Addressed an issue with Shifter Zerus transforming into a card that has a "Choose One" option.
  • Addressed a graphical issue with playing Evolve on a minion with Taunt or Divine Shield.
  • Chat bubbles have returned when typing to others on your friends list.
  • Redemption will no longer bring C'Thun back at it's full, buffed health value.
  • Scaled Nightmare's attack now properly doubles at the start of your turn after it gets reduced.
These updates are the Windows/Mac PC version of the game only, Updates for mobile devices will be released in the near future.
For those curious, Disguised Toast has a good explanation of the former Scaled Nightmare bug.