What's better than playing Hearthstone? Playing Hearthstone while wearing a Hearthstone t-shirt! It's a cotton Hearthstone Naxxramas themed t-shirt, your choice of ladies' or men's cut, coupled with an adorable Hearthstone pillow for you to snuggle with as you climb the ranked ladder.

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Thanks to the folks at Lockerdome, we'll be giving out prizes dependent on participation! We'll be giving away TEN Naxxramas t-shirts coupled with Hearthstone plushies.

The first time you enter the giveaway using the widget, you get a total of five maximum possible entires. Each action gives you an entry into our giveaway and you can use the widget to check your progress and see if you've accomplished all five.

On later giveaway days, you can continue tweeting about the giveaway for additional entries.