About four months ago there was a leak from a Japanese website claiming to have confirmed voice credits for multiple cards/heroes that were yet to appear in Hearthstone. Few believed them at the time, but with all the talk of the Old Gods expansion, it has resurfaced with many in the community acknowledging the multiple cards it got right in from the then unreleased League of Explorers. With that credibility, it appears as if we'll be getting new Priest, Paladin, and Rogue alternate heroes very soon.

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Of course, the duo at Fullas Games have created mock ups of what they could potentially look like. Tyrande can be found on our article from last week. Keep in mind these are fan made and have not been confirmed.

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  • Captain Scaleblade
  • Dark Iron Weaponsmith
  • Dark Summoner
  • Sinister Cultist
  • Blackrock Summoner
  • Bloodaxe Ritualist
  • Bloodsail Swashbuckler

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These are the cards the article leaked prior to League of Explorers.