Thanks to places like the Hearthstone subreddit, YouTube, and Twitter, there are so many places where you can find Hearthstone content. This week we've gathered some really awesome content from around the web, including right here on Hearthhead.

Back to Top Screw it. I'll do it. I'll just build a charge warrior.

Needless to say, some took the Warsong Commander nerf harder than others. The world theorized that a Charge Warrior would still be possible and aman8989 decided to do just that. He was also kind enough to include a handy guide that goes strikingly in depth. Words can not describe this deck. Go look at it for yourself.

Back to TopAlternative Ranked Symbols

The current ranking system has been in place for two years now including the symbols from Wood to Gold filled with Hearthstone card art in the center. For as long as it's existed the span has been from Angry Chicken to Innkeeper and beyond to Legend. A user on Reddit has come up with an alternative that uses updated card art from the latest adventures and expansions.

alternative ranked symbols.jpg

Back to TopHearthstone Easter Egg in Overwatch

Despite the global crises in Overwatch, people are apparently still playing Hearthstone! We've scoured the image looking for hints or easter eggs pointing to the next adventure but alas, there's none to be found. Whoever was playing was doing so with some vintage cards like Elven Archer. Surely we'd have better one drops than that in the future even if we're playing arena...

Back to TopLeague of Explorers Arena Odds

A user on Reddit has started doing the math behind arena drafts and League of Explorers. Assuming we see a similar boost just like The Grand Tournament did, according to their calculations, these are your chances of encountering a given card of a specific rarity from the set:
Most surprising, the LoE Rare Class Cards will each be seen in about 55% of Drafts.
The new LoE Class Commons will each be seen in about 71% of Drafts.
The LoE Legendaries (Reno, Elise, etc.) will each show up in about 1% of Drafts.
The LoE Neutral Epics (Djinni of Zephyrs and Naga Sea Witch) will each show up in 8% of Drafts.
And finally, LoE Neutral Commons (Jeweled Scarab, etc.) will each show up in about 39% of Drafts.
Emphasis is placed on the each because that's exactly what their calculations have found. For example, this means that about 71% of Mages will be offered at least one Forgotten Torch and therefore you can pretty safely assume you'll get the chance to draft one. There's also a 55% chance that you'll also be given a chance to choose Animated Armor in each Mage draft you complete. Of course these will sometimes overlap so you'll have to choose between one or the other, but it's pretty useful information for those that are looking to improve their drafting skills.

That said, it's worth remembering that these bonuses are not yet live, but it's safe to assume they will be during or shortly after the releases conclude.

@bdbrode How do the arena pick rate bonuses work right now? Do LoE cards get any yet? Do TGT cards still have the bonus included?

Blizzard declined to comment.