Kripp continues to despise Meteor in Arena.

We hope you're prepared for some good laughs as we're back with some highlights from the last week of Hearthstone play. As always, we have some Chinese highlights, a couple from Disguised Toast, and Kripp's continued struggles with Meteor​.

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Some quick high points from this week's Chinese highlights:

  • A fantastic Volcano.
  • One fizzled out Exodia Mage.
  • An interesting utilization of Red Mana Wyrm.
  • Lots of hilarious failures.

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Back to TopToast Plays Russian Roulette

You have ten mana and two Holy Wrathin hand and two minions in your deck. One will kill the enemy, the other won't, and if it's not the right card you lose. What do you do?


Back to TopShadow Visions Bug 2

Leave it to Disguised Toast to find yet another Shadow Visions bug.

Back to TopKripp Really Hates Meteor

There's been a lot of joking about Kripp getting destroyed by Meteor lately, but this has to be the funniest of the occurrences.


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