Don't put your faith in Arcane Missiles.

Journey to Un'Goro is live but it didn't launch until just a few days ago. As a result, our highlights this week are all from beforehand, but they're hilarious nonetheless.

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This week's Chinese highlights are a combination of successes and failures. Our favorites revolved around pings from Arcane Missiles and Flamewaker!

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Blizzard posted a job listing for a new game designer and while that may not be all that interesting by itself, Game Director Ben Brode posted a video about it, providing an inside look at how the developers create and test cards.


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With Dragon Priest cycling out of Standard, not many are giving Priest a chance at being good. This is directly reflected in Trump's review of the Un'Goro Priest class cards.


Back to TopDay9 Talks About Jade Druid Players (Jokingly)

A lot of players were getting last minute predictions out of their favorite streamers and Day9 was no exception. When asked about Jade Druid, a deck he doesn't want to play, he responded - jokingly - in part.





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