We bring all new Chinese Hearthstone highlights to our weekly series.

Another week of Hearthstone is behind us and Journey to Un'Goro is on the horizon. Despite this, we've still got some fantastic highlights to share including one that we'll regularly be bringing you from China. 

This week's title comes from a highlight two minutes into the first video.

Chinese Highlights

There aren't exactly a ton of videos in the Western community from players on the Chinese servers. We've teamed up with the folks behind this channel to bring these beautifully edited works of art to your eyes.

We don't want to spoil anything, but there's a new take on Aviana Druid and an all out war between a Druid and N'Zoth Rogue.


The Epic Sax Timing

Just because he was in the Bahamas doesn't mean Disguised Toast skipped out on any of his streams. Here's one of the weekend's highlights where the timing could not have gotten much better.

Un'Goro Interactions

More Toast.

Blizzard flew our favorite piece of bread down to its headquarters so he could record one of his famous interaction videos using unreleased Un'Goro cards.

What happens when Wild Pyromancer is given Poisonous? Let's find out.


Murloc Sandstorm

We would ask why Murlocs are singing Darude's Sandstorm, but we suppose we already know the answer.





The Angry Chicken

Well Met!


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