With Un'Goro releasing this week, make sure you're up to date on last week's news.

We are somehow already done with Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro reveal season. The set will release globally on April 6 which is exciting news for our European friends. Outside of the latest cards, make sure to read our review with Game Designer Dean Ayala on everything Hearthstone.

New In Hearthstone

All of the Hearthstone related news from the last week.


New on Hearthhead

This is content you'll only find on Hearthhead!

Card Reveals

Here are all the cards that were revealed this week.


Hearthhead Hotfixes

We continue to chug away at some big improvements for Hearthhead. These are in testing this week and we hope to bring them to you soon.

  • An updated comments system with an all-new appearance and functionality.

  • Improving individual deck pages including restoring functionality from the old Hearthhead.

    • Sort minions by keyword, rarity, etc.

  • Cleaning up the deck tile design.

  • Adding an option for tabular display of cards and decks.