Catch up on the Journey to Un'Goro launch!

How is everyone enjoying the new Journey to Un'Goro? We certainly hope it's going well, but if you've somehow managed to miss any of the content we've put out over the past week you can find it below!

New In Hearthstone

All of the Hearthstone related news from the last week.

New on Hearthhead

This is content you'll only find on Hearthhead!


Hearthhead Hotfixes

Un'Goro is now live on Hearthhead!

  • Card Database

    • Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and League of Explorers moved to Wild.

    • Hall of Fame set created and six Classic cards moved to it.

    • Card art, golden art, card sounds, and flavor text available for Un'Goro cards.

  • Deck Database

    • Added Journey to Un'Goro cards.

    • Rotated sets to Wild.