Journey to Un'Goro spoiler season has arrived!

After a few weeks hiatus, Blizzard closed out this week with the first of Journey to Un'Goro's card reveals. Eleven sparkling new cards were unveiled including the Rogue and Hunter legendaries along with the Warlock legendary quest. But we also got dates for this year's BlizzCon in Anaheim, California.

For the dedicated Hearthhead users out there, we also have an update as to what the team is currently working on.

New In Hearthstone


New on Hearthhead


Hearthhead Hotfixes

Just about every member of the Hearthhead team was traveling sometime in the last two weeks so progress has been a bit slower than we had hoped, but we're still hard at work at some major improvements.

Here are just a few of the major things we're working on. All of them are currently at various stages of completion, but they're all high on our list of priorities. These plans could change at any given moment, but we wanted to make sure you knew that things were indeed being worked on behind the scenes.

  • Designing a dark theme for those browsing at night.

  • An updated comments system with an all-new appearance and functionality.

  • Improving individual deck pages including restoring functionality from the old Hearthhead.

    • Sort minions by keyword, rarity, etc.

  • Cleaning up the deck tile design.

  • Adding an option for tabular display of cards and decks.