A look back at the last week of Hearthstone.

We continue to strive to improve Hearthhead's content each and every week. On Tuesday we launched an all new "This Week in Competitive Hearthstone" series with the help of some friends at Reddit and we continue to bring you collaborations with the folks at HSReplay.net.

New on Hearthhead

All of the content that you'll only find on Hearthhead! We've spent the last week breaking down individual cards and help you build your own decklists!


Community Guides

We're always looking to upload the best community made decklists with in-depth guides to help you succeed at Hearthstone!


Hearthhead Hotfixes

We're only a week removed from our last major update which was many weeks in the making, but that doesn't mean we're resting on our laurels.

While we aren't yet ready to announce anything, we plan on overhauling how the deck tiles on the front page work. Rather than having them be trending, we're going to pick what gets displayed there meaning it'll be the place to go for all of the high-quality decks and deck guides on our website.

There's another surprise in the works that we think you'll enjoy but we can't say anything else just yet.

New In Hearthstone