Hearthstone's Mean Streets of Gadgetzan launched this week and that means there's been a ton of previews, patch datamining, post-launch coverage, and site updates to boot. Rather than digging through it all by hand, we've rounded it all up here for easy viewing. So catch up on the Gadgetzan pack bug, the return of the Servant of Yogg-Saron Tryouts Tavern Brawl, and see some of the best art and flavor text this expansion has to offer.

New In Hearthstone

New on Hearthhead

Hearthhead Hotfixes


Good news! On Friday we were able to quietly roll out a few changes.

  • My Collection is now back!

    • Head on over to the Card Database.

    • Click on "Edit Collection."

      • Each card will now have a normal and golden "+" and "-" below it to add and remove cards.

    • While scrolling through the card database, it'll display how many of each you have.

    • We have not yet hooked this up to calculate dust cost for decks.

    • In the Deckbuilder there is now a "My Cards" toggle that will only display cards that you own.

      • Looks like we're currently experiencing some issues with this and will give you an update on Monday.

  • The Favorites Service has been enabled.

    • We were just as tired as you when it comes to seeing the same old outdated decks on the front page.

    • We're happy to say that these will now update organically through a combination of likes, views, and more.

      • Other filters such as Hot, Likes, Views, and Latest all work as well.

    • The Deck Database's filters are also now working such as the top decks in the past 7 Days, 30 Days, etc.

    • Now you can get back to creating and sharing your best decks and get rewarded by topping the charts.

  • We'll be talking about this more in the future, but Hearthhead Premium has arrived.

    • If you were already a subscriber to Wowhead Premium or Lolking Premium, you should now have an ad-free experience on Hearthhead.

      • Pay once, get ad-free browsing across all of the Zam Network sites that currently support it including Wowhead and Lolking.

      • If this isn't the case, please get in touch with us: feedback[at]hearthhead[dot]com.

    • Interested in that service? It's just $1 per month, $5 per six months, or $9 per year.


We're hoping to have a surprise this week for the My Collection fans out there, so stay tuned!