We recap the latest posts on Hearthhead and talk about the relaunched mobile website.

Blizzard has been talking about Hearthstone all week long. From keeping Hearthstone fresh, to the strength of Basic decks, the game as a whole, new player experience, and more covered in Friday's Developer Insights live stream. Plus, we recap the latest posts on Hearthhead and talk about the relaunched mobile website.

New In Hearthstone


New on Hearthhead


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Hearthhead Hotfixes

  • Mobile Site Relaunched!

    • The entire site is now available on mobile.

      • This includes full browsing, logging in, commenting, creating decks, and more.

      • See screenshots below for examples.

      • Please send us your feedback and let us know if you have issues!

  • We've updated links to properly have a hover effect, no more guessing what is and isn't a link!

  • Fixed an issue affecting certain users getting generic errors when trying to log in or register.

    • As a result, there have been some changes for registration:

      • Usernames must be 4-16 characters and can have no special characters.

    • Users with "&" in their passwords should be able to log in now.

  • We've identified one of the issues causing Firefox users to be unable to dismiss dialogue boxes.