Learn about deckbuilding, new Un'Goro cards, and community guides!

The last week of Hearthstone has seen the first emergence of the new Journey to Un'Goro meta. In that time we've tried to help you understand some of the new cards that are seeing play like Primordial Glyph and Jeweled Macaw, helped you build your own Midrange Hunter and Quest Rogue decklists, and acquired a whole bunch of community guides for you to peruse.

New on Hearthhead

All of the content that you'll only find on Hearthhead! We've spent the last week breaking down individual cards and help you build your own decklists!


Community Guides

We're always looking to upload the best community made decklists with in-depth guides to help you succeed at Hearthstone!

New In Hearthstone

In the last week, the Hearthstone community solved the Un'Goro Crater volcano puzzle and we got a great behind-the-scenes look at Awaken the Makers .