It's been a good long while since we've released an installment of Hearthstone Headlines. Previously headed up by The Angry Chicken's very own Garrett Weinzierl in a video format and released weekly, we're switching to a written format to provide you with weekly recaps of what's been happening in Hearthstone and right here on Hearthhead.

New in Hearthstone

New on Hearthhead

Hearthhead Hotfixes

We'd like to thank all of our users and passionate community members for continuing to provide us with feedback and help us find the peskiest of bugs. Over the past week, since the new website first launched, we've made a number of changes that we'd like to highlight. We're still just getting started, but wanted to let you know that progress is indeed being made and we're very excited to continue pushing forward.

  • Comments have been overhauled!

    • Comments now utilize the same Markdown editor as deck guides so now you can easily format text, reference cards, decks, and more.

    • We've expanded the size limit of comments to something much more reasonable.

    • As per request, we've added a reply button to each user to increase clarity.

    • News tiles on the front page now update with the correct number of comments so you can see if more discussion has happened since you last checked in.

    • Comments should no longer become undisplayed.

  • Log In Issues

    • We've addressed a ton of login issues throughout the week and believe we've worked out most of them.

      • If you're still having problems, please message us on Twitter, Discord, or email us at feedback[at]hearthhead[dot]com.

  • Support for Hearthstone Deck Tracker

    • Some users noted they were no longer able to import decks from Hearthhead into HDT. We've added support for this in a very recent update.

  • Updated Deck Guide Rules

    • Users are now sent to a dedicated Edit Page for their guide which will show changes as soon as they're made.

    • Other users will still need to wait for the cache to refresh to see the changes, but now you can see how your formatting looks right away.

  • Minor Fixes

    • Deck autocompletes should now display properly.


Are weekly updates like this something that you appreciate? We're running this as a test at the moment and would love to know what you think!