We recap the last week in Hearthstone.

Hearthhead has received a major update this week alongside all of our normal content. We hope you've enjoyed it!

New on Hearthhead

All of the content that you'll only find on Hearthhead! We've spent the last week breaking down individual cards and help you build your own decklists!


Community Guides

We're always looking to upload the best community made decklists with in-depth guides to help you succeed at Hearthstone!


Hearthhead Hotfixes

We launched a major update this week! You can catch detailed explanations over on the announcement post.

In short:

  • Tabular display option for the deck database.

  • Tabular display for the card database.

  • New deck tile design.

  • Updated deckbuilder functionality.

  • New comment appearance.

  • DeckMate Integration

    • Includes card collection syncing.

  • More information on deck pages. 


New In Hearthstone