Each country's Global Games representatives have been announced.

The first ever Hearthstone Global Games are just 11 days away and Blizzard has announced the results of the voting period which rewarded participants with a free Whispers of the Old Gods pack. The top player on each team was automatically selected based on the Hearthstone Global Standings was automatically invited with the remaining three spots being rewarded based on fan votes.

The strongest teams on paper include Russia with World Champion Pavel, 2017 Winter Champion ShtanUdachi, Iner, and Silvername. Sweden comes armed with Orange, Powder, Sjow, and 2015 World Champion Ostkaka.

Netherlands, China, Canada, and the USA all have relatively strong lineups as well with big names like Hotform, Cydonia, Amnesiac, and HotMEOWTH.

There's been some drama, however, as Forsen (Sweden) forfeited his spot as promised. The popular streamer previously said he would do so if P4wnyhof got voted in and he's made good on his word.

P4wnyhof has been a controversial figure in the Hearthstone scene for quite some time thanks to a series of decisions he made in the Gentlemen Cup back in 2014. In short, there was proof he was aware that calculations determining his team, Planetkey Dynamics, as the winner were incorrect. Because he was simultaneously a player and an administrator of the event, he was able to overlook this fact and advance his team through the tournament. It later exploded on Reddit and has left a sour taste in many player's mouths for years.

Other German nominees, Xixo and SuperJJ also pledged to decline a spot if they were invited, but they ultimately didn't finish in the top three to make the cup.

Sjow will take Forsen's spot in the upcoming Hearthstone Global Games.

Update: Blizzard has rescinded its invitations to P4wnyhof and Sintolol.

Dear community, 

In the light of recent, inappropriate, and unsportsmanlike comments made by Thomas “Sintolol” Zimmer and Mats “P4wnyhof” Kathage, we have decided to rescind their invitation to represent Team Germany in the upcoming Hearthstone Global Games. 

We’re in the process of identifying replacement players, and will reach out to them privately. 

- The Hearthstone Team



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