The latest Hearthstone expansion is going to be revealed today on the Hearthstone Twitch channel at 2:30 PST. You can watch the stream by visiting or you can watch the stream below.

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The expansion is named "The Grand Tournament" and will be released next month!


The inspiration behind "The Grand Tournament" is the Argent Tournament from Warcraft. After the group of tournament victors were found from the tournament, a group decided to continue using the tournament grounds.

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Check out some of the cards that have been revealed so far:





And a post on Reddit has found a new Rogue Card on the Brazilian Stream.

The translation:
Poisoned Blade
Your hero power gives this weapon +1 attack instead of replacing it.
In addition, you can vote for the next card to be revealed on The Grand Tournament Website!


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A new game board was made for this expansion!


Back to TopNew Mechanic: INSPIRE!

The theme for the expansion is Modifying Hero Powers! Because of this, a new Keyword has been added in this Expansion: INSPIRE!. This mechanic will activate every time you use your hero power!

Back to TopPre-Purchase Next Week

There are over 130 new cards coming in this expansion. The cards will be the exact same price as before. However, you can also pre-purchase a 50 pack of the new cards next week for $49.99 and earn a new card back! This special offer ends on the release of the Grand Tournament.

In addition, when The Grand Tournament releases, the Arena will award a Grand Tournament pack, Goblins vs. Gnomes pack or a Classic pack whenever a pack is awarded.

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The Grand Tournament™ Opens This August!

Polish your armor, shoe your steed, and sharpen those lances—The Grand Tournament, Hearthstone’s second expansion, is about to make its triumphant debut!

A Heroic Gathering

Knights of all shapes and sizes from far and wide come together at the Grand Tournament to complete for fame and glory! Years ago, the Argent Crusade started the tournament as a way to find champions fit to take on Azeroth’s greatest villains. Now that the Frozen North is less perilous (and a tad bit warmer), the Grand Tournament has a playful side to it. Ogres, Pirates, Dragons, and even Murlocs have sent their finest Knights, ready to strut their stuff and show what they’re made of—all in the name of fun!

132 New Cards

The Grand Tournament bolsters the expanding Hearthstone library with 132 new cards, introducing all-new spells, weapons, and a retinue of Azeroth’s most renowned Champions ready to join your cause. Here’s a taste of what you can expect when you step into this Grand Tournament!

TGTannouncement_P_MaidenOfTheLake_HS_Lightbox_CK_183x208.jpg TGTannouncement_P_ColdarraDrake_HS_Lightbox_CK_183x208.jpg

 TGTannouncement_P_FrostGiant_HS_Lightbox_CK_183x208.jpgTGTannouncement_P_LockAndLoad_Lightbox_CK_183x208.jpg TGTannouncement_P_SkycapnKragg_HS_Lightbox_CK_183x208.jpg

Become Inspired

The Grand Tournament stands as a shining beacon of friendly competition, emboldening your Hearthstone collection with an impressive procession of knightly prowess. Hearthstone’s newest minion keyword – Inspire – activates after your Hero Power is used. Utilizing your Hero Power while a minion with Inspire is on the board will result in one of any number of effects, a few of which can be seen below!

TGTannouncement_P_LowlySquire_HS_Lightbox_CK_183x208.jpg TGTannouncement_P_NexusChamp_HS_Lightbox_CK_183x208.jpg

A Tournament for the Ages

Commencing in August for Windows ®, Mac®, iOS®, and Android®, The Grand Tournament card packs will be available in the in-game Shop with either gold or real money at the same price as all the other Hearthstone card packs.

As with previous expansions and Adventures, Grand Tournament cards will be included in the Arena on launch day, even if you still haven’t added them to your personal collection.

A Jovial New Board


The Grand Tournament introduces a festive new gameboard on which to do battle. On it, you’ll be able to find all of the appropriate amenities to ensure that your tournament experience is a pleasant one!

Arena Reward Update

Beginning with the launch of The Grand Tournament, the Arena will no longer award players only Goblins vs Gnomes card packs. Instead, players will have a chance to receive a Grand Tournament card pack, Goblins vs Gnomes card pack, or a Classic card pack whenever a pack is awarded. 

Pre-Purchase The Grand Tournament Card Packs!


We’re celebrating The Grand Tournament with an exciting bundle pack offer! Starting next week, players will be able to pre-purchase a bundle of 50 Grand Tournament card packs for $49.99. In addition to 50 Grand Tournament card packs ready to bust open upon launch, the bundle also includes a triumphant new card back!

Card packs from this pre-purchase bundle will be kept sealed until The Grand Tournament officially releases—no peeking! This special offer is only available as a one-time purchase and ends upon the release of The Grand Tournament.

Rally, Champions!

Click here to visit the Grand Tournament preview site!

Lead the charge to unveiling all-new cards on the official The Grand Tournament site! Rally the troops and cast your vote to unveil new cards, including the never-before-seen Legendary cards! Check back on the site and cast your vote often, as new cards will be available for you to reveal multiple times each week. CHARGE!

Discuss the new cards revealed in The Grand Tournament on social media using the hashtag #TGT!

The adoration of the crowd awaits: The Grand Tournament of unsurpassed fun begins next month!

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A new build is being pushed to the servers and this build includes more Tavern Brawl Chalkboards and some pre-order assets for The Grand Tournament! It looks like one of the Tavern Brawl Chalkboards may be hinting at a Unstable Portal Brawl!

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Samsung Galaxy
  • Event: "nonesamsung_galaxy_gifts"
  • Enabled: 1 (was 0)

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  • New Card Back
The Grand Tournament
  • New Card Back

Back to TopStrings changes

  • Changed GLUE_QUEST_NOTIFICATION_CAPTION: "Most Quests can only be completed in Play mode or mode, The Arena.Arena or Tavern Brawl."
  • Added GLUE_STORE_KOREAN_PRODUCT_DETAILS_PACKS_PREORDER: "?? ?? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?????."
  • Added GLUE_STORE_PACKS_BUTTON_PREORDER_TEXT: "Pre-purchase {0} packs"
  • Added GLUE_STORE_PACKS_PREORDER_TEXT: "Pre-purchase"
  • Added GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_HEADLINE_TGT_PACK_PRESALE: "The Grand Tournament (Pre-Purchase) includes:"
  • Added GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_DETAILS_TGT_PACK_PRESALE: "• 50 packs and a special card back\n• Each pack has 5 cards, with 1 rare or better\n• The Grand Tournament packs are openable in August!"
  • Added GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_NAME_TGT_PRESALE_BUNDLE: "The Grand Tournament (Pre-Purchase)"
  • Added GLUE_STORE_SPECIAL_OFFER: "Special Offer!"
  • Added GLUE_STORE_SUMMARY_KOREAN_AGREEMENT_PACK_PREORDER: "?? ?? ??? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ?????."
  • Added GLUE_STORE_TGT_PREORDER_DATE: "Available in August!"
  • Changed GLUE_TAVERN_BRAWL_HAS_ENDED_TEXT: "This Tavern Brawl Event is now over. Another one is coming up soon!"
  • Changed GLUE_TAVERN_BRAWL_RETURNS_WEEKS: "Back in\n{0}\n\nweeksin\n{0}\n\n|4(week,weeks)"
  • Added GLUE_TIP_TAVERNBRAWL_0: "Each week there's a crazy new way to play in Tavern Brawl!"
  • Added GLUE_TIP_TAVERNBRAWL_1: "We need a couple days to clean up the mess after a Brawl ends, so if you can't get in, check back soon!"
  • Added GLUE_TIP_TAVERNBRAWL_2: "Win a classic pack for your first Tavern Brawl win each week during the launch celebration!"
  • Added GLUE_TIP_TAVERNBRAWL_3: "Winning multiple games in Tavern Brawl doesn't award additional packs – it's just for fun!"
  • Added GLUE_TIP_TAVERNBRAWL_4: "Some weeks you'll be provided a deck, and sometimes you'll need to create one. You never know!"
  • Added GLUE_TIP_TAVERNBRAWL_5: "Some Tavern Brawls might come back again in the future."
  • Added GLUE_TIP_TAVERNBRAWL_6: "You can challenge a friend to a Brawl if you challenge them while you're on the Tavern Brawl screen."
  • Added GLUE_TIP_TAVERNBRAWL_7: "You can complete your daily quests while in a Tavern Brawl!"
  • Added GLUE_TIP_TAVERNBRAWL_8: "For every three games you win in Tavern Brawl, you'll earn 10 gold, just like in "Play" mode."

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