Insight into the Arena, Quests, and more.

Hearthstone's latest patch has been live for a couple of days now and players are beginning to get a good grasp as to how things have changed as a result. The Arena, in particular, is a popular topic because of the drastic change from Wild to Standard. But in addition to that, Blizzard has adjusted the offering rates of spells, vanilla cards, and the overall likelihood of getting higher rarity cards. Dean Ayala, the largest voice for Arena updates on the Hearthstone development team, has responded to a significant number of players offering their feedback.

Patch 7.1 also updated a total of six card's text in an effort to be more consistent, but many are up in arms that Druid of the Claw wasn't among them despite the fact that Game Director Ben Brode said in mid-February that it would be adjusted in an "upcoming patch."

In addition, Senior Producer Yong Woo has addressed a new iOS bug that's causing Hearthstone to crash.

Peter Whalen, the lead designer for Journey to Un'Goro, explains some of the new interactions with Adapt and weighs in on what the abbreviation or acronym should be for the upcoming set.

Card Consistency Updates

Why no Druid of the Claw fix in this patch?

Brode saysUpcoming patch, still. This one was locked for localization when we made the change.

Ayala Talks Arena

It seems like there are a lot less two drops in the Arena now.

Ayala saysI checked the math awhile back and saw that that is partly true. 1-2 drops are a little more elusive.

Legendaries might be a bit too common.

Ayala says I think we def went on the high end of the rarity changes. Felt better to try something way different and see what happens.

So are Wild cards gone for good?

Ayala says Wild cards won't exist at all in Arena, though obviously will still be playable in wild. It's likely we'll keep Standard until a month or so after Un'Goro releases, then evaluate if we want to try a different card pool.

What is the average number of legendaries in an Arena deck now? Feel like I'm getting about three per draft.

Ayala saysIt was increased, I don't have the exact numbers off-hand. Definitely not 3 on average though.

Did weapons get an offering bonus like spells?

Ayala says: They do not, was a decision we came to purposefully. Would not be surprised to adjust that at the next set if necessary though. It's debatable, but what we were going for was have more ways to catch up. Weapons do that sometimes, but they also contribute to further snowballing games in a lot of circumstances. Weapons tend to punish playing any minion, spells tend to punish playing in some narrower fashion. AoE, SWD (Shadow Word: Death), SWP (Shadow Word: Pain), etc. People are concerned about Warrior in particular because of this, but we'll see how it plays out and adjust if need be.

Yong Woo Addresses Bugs

Experiencing issues with the iOS version of Hearthstone.

Woo saysThere is a know issue where if your hand is up during your opponent's turn and you dismiss your opponent's "big card" it crashes

Fix the mobile volume issue while you're at it.

Woo saysI spoke about this somewhere else before as well. The volume issue exists in the engine we use. We need to upgrade the engine to be able to fix this issue. Unfortunately engine upgrade is a very costly process. It's not happening shortterm, but we do have it planned further down the road. I get it's frustrating, I run into the same issues. But this is a matter of project prioritization and this bug has not trumped other high priority needs of the project. Sorry dude.

Whalen Explains Adapt Interactions

Can you pick the same Adaptation twice with Brann Bronzebeard?

Whalen saysYes. You can pick the same adaptation twice.

Will the Adapt Deathrattle option interact with N'Zoth, the Corruptor?

Whalen saysIt won't. N'Zoth checks the card text not any effects it gained while in play.

Mike Donais Interview

TempoStorm spoke with Principle Game Designer Mike Donais about all of the news from the last week or so.

  • All Quests cost one mana.
  • You can only have one Quest active at a time.
  • Quests do take up space from Secrets. That is, if you have a Quest in play, you can only have four Secrets in play.
  • They can activate on either player's turn.


What's the proper abbreviation for Journey to Un'Goro?

Brode says: Uhh i think JTU?

Whalen saysUNG is most common. People just call it "Un'Goro" when we're talking or e-mailing though.