Hearthstone Deck Tech: Feign Death

This week HSSpacewizard brings us a Hunter deck that is built around the card Feign Death. This deck features many minions with Deathrattles and aims to combo Feign Death with Sneed's Old Shredder or Dr. Boom in the late game to defeat your opponent. Feign Death can also be used on multiple smaller minions such as Piloted Shredder or to steal an opponents minions with Sylvanas Windrunner.

Hearthstone at PAX East

Blizzard will once again be visiting PAX East and it appears that Blizzard will be announcing exciting new cards and a look at upcoming content for Hearthstone in 2015, according to PAX East's website. At the last PAX East, Hearthstone was available for play on the iPad and the Naxxramas expansion was revealed. Could Blizzard be revealing another expansion at this PAX East? PAX East runs this March 6th to 8th.