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Hearthstone has made another television commercial, again featuring Tinkmaster Overspark. This time, he tries to use his gnomish technology to transform his sheep into a Devilsaur. With a 50% chance to get what he wants and a 50% chance of receiving a tiny Squirrel which will he receive in this match? Find out in this commercial broadcast by the Hearthstone Sports Network.

The post-match interview has also been uploaded.

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Tavern Brawl:
@CM_Zeriyah regarding "Bar Brawl" do all my classes have to be level 20 to enter/play
@CM_Zeriyah @bdbrode @CM_Whirthun Will challenging a friend in Brawn will also count towards daily quests? Thanks
@leonarddrs @bdbrode @CM_Whirthun It's treated like a normal friendly challenge for the purpose of completing quests.
@CM_Zeriyah Will Tavern Brawls be available on tablets at launch?
@CM_Zeriyah Does the 10g per 3 wins share the maximum of 100g per day with constructed/casual? Or are we able to "farm" more gold.
@Richardkhl Shares the max of 100g per day.

Hero Skins:
@CM_Whirthun If I purchase a hero skin, is it unlocked for all regions (EU, US & Asia), or just for the region it was purchased on?
@Silathand It will be unlocked for the region you purchased it in.
@bdbrode @CM_Zeriyah There is a piece of information that Tyrande was a hunter hero in HS alpha. Could you please say it it's true or not?
@6_Grimmjow_6 @CM_Zeriyah IIRC, Hemet was our Hunter in the prototype (before alpha).

Arena Rewards:
@CM_Zeriyah Will you make the choice between the classic pack and GvG in the arena?
@Sylvester7373 No current plans for this.