As has become the norm during this winter's Hearthstone Championship Tour, Blizzard proceeded the final series with a Whispers of the Old Gods card reveal. Despite the fact that it takes place in on the official set in California, due to the competition's Asia-Pacific competitors, the stream started very late at 9 PM PDT.

IGN has also posted Ragnaros, Lightlord, a good version of Ragnaros the Firelord.

"We knew we wanted to flip a lot of characters from good to evil in this expansion," Senior Game Designer Ben Brode tells IGN. "We also knew that Ragnaros (once enslaved by the Old Gods) could be fun to see flip in the same way. The problem is, Ragnaros is already a terribly evil Elemental Lord. So we went the other way with it and explored what he might look like if he were 'uncorrupted'. Paladins in general are the one bastion of hope in Whispers of the Old Gods, with many of their cards themed around standing against the oncoming darkness. Having Ragnaros lead the charge against his former masters seemed like it could be pretty awesome. Hence, Ragnaros, the Lightlord!"

Senior Game Designer Mike Donais continues, "Imagine a world where instead of Ragnaros being the most powerful dark being, the old gods are. Now imagine a world where Ragnaros says 'Live Insect' at the end of your turn and heals you instead of dealing 8 damage to your opponent! This is a better world is it not?"