We take a look back at older cards that may be better with the new Frozen Throne releases.

With Knights of the Frozen Throne's focus on the all new hero cards, we're sure to have some pretty large changes in store for Hearthstone. Each new Death Knight hero comes complete with a Battlecry, five Armor, and an all new hero power. It's the latter bit that's particularly interesting to us considering the number of cards that synergize with hero powers that have already been released. So what cards might suddenly find a second wind with the release of Frozen Throne?

Back to TopColdarra Drake (Wild)

Jaina, Frost Lich may have already been leaked, but we still have no clue what her hero power will be. Regardless, Coldarra Drake is easily the most exciting of the cards that have already been released, even if it is Wild only at this point. 

It looks like Jaina's Death Knight form will cost nine mana which means that her hero power is likely strong. There may very possibly be a world where Coldarra starts seeing play.

Back to TopGarrison Commander (Wild)

Regardless of class, using your hero power twice per turn could be really strong. While we've obviously found out that the Basic hero powers aren't strong enough to warrant the inclusion of Garrison Commander, that may not be the case for the much stronger Death Knight versions of the heroes.

Deathstalker Rexxar would be able to create two Zombeasts per turn for only four mana, leaving him open to actually playing something else at the same time.

It'll be interesting to see how the other classes stand in comparison to Rexxar. While Coldarra Drake might be the dream, Garrison Commander is much more realistic.

Back to TopSideshow Spelleater (Wild)

Even in the days of Justicar Trueheart it wasn't worth running Sideshow Spelleater, but it isn't beyond the realm of belief that a very control oriented deck might run its own hero card and Sideshow to help improve control matchups. Deathstalker Rexxar may not be the strongest in Hunter, but there are other classes which would gladly welcome a source of infinite value.

Back to TopPoisoned Blade (Wild)

So we have no clue if Poisoned Blade will even work with the new Rogue hero power as it could be completely unrelated to weapon generated. Either way, we doubt Poisoned Blade will really see any action, but we can hope. Surely, some day a card will be released that makes this card good.

Back to TopAuctionmaster Beardo

A lot of people laughed at Auctionmaster Beardo when he was first announced and rightly so. Justicar Trueheart had just rotated out so there wasn't a real reason to even use him.

This is very clearly a Purify situation where the card was released just in advance of when it would actually be useful. With stronger hero powers, it might make more sense to try and get multiple activations off of Beardo, even if it will likely be hard to do so.

Back to TopProphet Velen

Prophet Velen has never really seen a ton of play and neither has Shadowform Priest. We're hopeful, based on the key art of Frozen Throne (which shows Anduin in shadowform), that we'll be getting a damaging hero power. If we do, maybe it'll finally be the day that Velen is run in more than just gimmick decks.

Back to TopGeneric Neutral Cards (Wild)

Fencing Coach and Maiden of the Lake aren't anything spectacular, but they will likely be much improved by the addition of improved hero powers.

Back to TopInspire Cards (Wild)

While none of the Inspire cards are going to get directly effected by the addition of hero cards, a stronger hero power means there's more incentive to do that over another similar play. As a result, Inspire cards might be marginally better, particularly ones that were already seeing play in their day like Savage Combatant.

Others like Dalaran AspirantMukla's Champion, and Nexus-Champion Saraad are worth keeping an eye on as well.