Game Informer has revealed the largest legal Hearthstone minion ever! It also sat down to talk with Ben Brode about creating the card and confirm a release date of April 26 for Whispers of the Old Gods!

UPDATE: Game Informer has removed the release date and now displays the usual late April/early May window.
GI: Can you provide insight into how these two cards were designed?

BB: Blood of the Ancient One – We wanted to give players who like crazy deckbuilding challenges a chance to see if they could get off a truly crazy combo. It's not easy to sneak two 9-cost minions into play at once, but it seemed like a fun opportunity for creative deckbuilders to explore. We also knew we wanted massive horrible monsters in Whispers of the Old Gods, and trying to find a way to include a 30/30 minion was a fun challenge for us. If you can get it to go off, you have a good shot at ending the game.

How do these two cards fit in with the flavor of the set?

The Old Gods, even while chained beneath the crust of Azeroth, led massive armies and empowered fearsome generals. The Ancient One was vanquished long ago, but it's hard to keep the minions of the Old Gods down, and with enough of its blood, you can herald the return of the Old Gods' greatest creation!

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@PlayHearthstone how does Silence affect Blood of The Ancient One?

@notdanvillano Both Blood of The Ancient Ones would have to be silenced for the effect not to trigger.