A patch has just hit the servers, updating the collection to show The Old Gods cards and applying the nerfs announced last week. This page is currently a work in progress, so check back soon.

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  • Old God Hero?
  • Back to TopHearthstone Nerfs Live

    The nerfs announced last week have made it to live servers. A prompt will pop up when you first log onto the game, showing you what's changed since the last patch.


    Back to TopOld God Hero?

    We stumbled upon a bunch of Old God VO files that include common emotes just like the other heroes!

    Back to TopOld Gods Board Live

    The Old Gods gameboard is live. What can you find to interact with?


    Back to TopNew Cardbacks

    4 new cardbacks were found in this patch, one for each of the next few seasons.

    Back to TopNew Tavern Brawl

    • Added TB_SHADOWTOWERS_ADJACENTMINIONS: "Minions next to a tower are Stealthed and Can't Attack."
    • Added TB_SHADOWTOWERS_SHADOWSPAWNED: "If a side has no tower, then one is summoned."
    • Added TB_SHADOWTOWERS_SHADOWSPAWNEDNEXT: "Missing towers are replaced at the start of their owner's turn."
    • Added VO_HRW_TEST_00: "I will cleanse you both of the Curse of Flesh!"
    • Added VO_HRW_TEST_01: "Well done! You've defeated the boss together.\n\nBoth players win!"
    • Added VO_HRW_TEST_02: "Defeat Gearmaster Mechazod together to win!"
    • Added VO_HRW_TEST_ABILITY_00: "Damaging a hero."
    • Added VO_HRW_TEST_ABILITY_01: "Destroying highest attack minion."
    • Added VO_HRW_TEST_ABILITY_02: "Throwing 3 bombs."
    • Added VO_HRW_TEST_ABILITY_03: "Damaging both players"
    • Added VO_HRW_TEST_ABILITY_04: "Emergency! Release Coolant!"
    • Added VO_HRW_TEST_ABILITY_05: "Increase clock speed!"
    • Added VO_HRW_TEST_ABILITY_06: "Print is dead, Lorewalker Cho!"
    • Added VO_HRW_TEST_ABILITY_98: "Target board full. Clearing target board."

    Back to TopWow Emote Added

    • Added GAMEPLAY_PlayErrors_REQ_ENOUGH_HEALTH: "Not enough Health"
    • Added GAMEPLAY_EMOTE_HERO_01A_WOW: "By my beard!"
    • Added GAMEPLAY_EMOTE_HERO_01_WOW: "Astonishing!"
    • Added GAMEPLAY_EMOTE_HERO_02_WOW: "That's incredible!"
    • Added GAMEPLAY_EMOTE_HERO_03_WOW: "Incredible."
    • Added GAMEPLAY_EMOTE_HERO_04A_WOW: "That is incredible!"
    • Added GAMEPLAY_EMOTE_HERO_04_WOW: "By the Holy Light!"
    • Added GAMEPLAY_EMOTE_HERO_05A_WOW: "Incredible!"
    • Added GAMEPLAY_EMOTE_HERO_05_WOW: "Astounding!"
    • Added GAMEPLAY_EMOTE_HERO_06_WOW: "Spectacular!"
    • Added GAMEPLAY_EMOTE_HERO_07_WOW: "Extraordinary."
    • Added GAMEPLAY_EMOTE_HERO_08A_WOW: "That's incredible."
    • Added GAMEPLAY_EMOTE_HERO_08B_WOW: "Marvelous."
    • Added GAMEPLAY_EMOTE_HERO_08_WOW: "Amazing."
    • Added GAMEPLAY_EMOTE_HERO_09_WOW: "Wow...."
    • Added VO_BRM_027h_WOW_20: "SO HOT."

    Back to TopNew Tips!

    • "Standard uses Basic, Classic and the most recent two years of cards."
    • "Click on your hero while editing a deck to swap between Standard and Wild."
    • "Tap on your hero while editing a deck to swap between Standard and Wild."
    • "This is the year of the Kraken! (Each year will have a new theme)"
    • "When viewing your collection, click on the bottom left filter button to choose which sets are shown."
    • "When viewing your collection, tap on the bottom left filter button to choose which sets are shown."
    • "Whenever a new set is released you can use its cards in both Wild and Standard."
    • "Wild is exactly that, WILD! Any cards can be used!"
    • "In Standard, new strategies are constantly evolving."
    • "New deck recipes will be released over time."
    • "In Standard, the newest sets are in play so you don't have to learn all the old cards."

    Back to TopPatch Notes

    This Hearthstone patch prepares the Tavern for the arrival of Whispers of the Old Gods! This Patch also paves the way for a new way to play Hearthstone and introduces adjustments to key Basic and Classic cards. Along with bug fixes, we've also added new card backs and Tavern Brawls.

    Read on for details!
    • Do you hear them? Whispers of the Old Gods expansion will arrive on April 261 You can purchase Whispers of the Old Gods card packs from the in-game shop and play them beginning April 26.
    • As of April 26, the Year of the Kraken will begin. bringing with it Standard and Wild formats. Check out the A New Way to Play blog at www.playhearthstone.com for more info.
    • Friendly Challenge menu has been updated. Starting April 26, you can challenge friends to Standard, Wild, or Tavern Brawl games.
    • Collection Manager's Set Filter has been updated.
    • Some Deck Recipes have been updated for Whispers of the Old Gods. See what we've cooked up!
    • The following card backs have been added:
      • Shadowmoon Valley - Obtained by reaching Rank 20 or higher in Ranked Play mode during the month of May
      • Zul'Drak - Obtained by reaching Rank 20 or higher in Ranked Play mode during the month of June
      • Halfhill - Obtained by reaching Rank 20 or higher In Ranked Play mode during the month of July
    • The guaranteed pack from Arena Runs will now always be from the most recently released expansion. Additionally, you are slightly more likely to receive a second card pack from a different Standard set.
    • The 'Sorry' emote has been replaced with a new 'Wow' emote. Wow!
    • The following cards have changed. For full details regarding these changes. please read the Keeping Hearthstone Fresh blog at www.playhearthstone.com:
      • Ancient of Lore - Now draws 1 card Instead of 2
      • Force of Nature - Mane cost decreased from 6 to 5. Treants no longer have Charge and no longer die at the end of the turn
      • Keeper of the Grove - Health reduced from 4 to 2
      • Ironbeak Owl - Mana cost increased from 2 to 3
      • Big Game Hunter - Mane cost Increased from 3 to 5
      • Hunter's Mark - Mena cost Increased from 0 to 1
      • Blade Flurry Mane cost Increased from 2 to 4 and only affects Minions
      • Knife Juggler - Attack reduced from 3 to 2
      • Leper Gnome - Attack reduced from 2 to 1
      • Arcane Golem - Health Increased from 2 to 4, no longer has Charge
      • Molten Giant Mane cost Increased from 20 to 25
      • Master of Disguise - Stealth granted by this card now only lasts until the start of the next turn
    • Resolved various issues with Al behavior and gameplay such as:
      • Stampeding Kodo's ability will no longer target the same minion twice if triggered by Mann Bronzebeard.
      • Gladiator's Longbow will prevent damage caused by Explosive Trap.
    • Quests to obtain Old Murk-Eye and Captain's Parrot have been disabled, as those cards are only available In Wild mode. These cards can be crafted as normal.
    • Added improved visual effects to certain Classic cards.
    • The reconnect feature has been improved.
    • Fixed various audio, graphical, and Ul issues.
    More Information can be found in our blog at www.playhearthstone.com

    Back to TopNew Deck Recipes

    A new deck recipe has been added for each class that includes cards from the newest set.

    Druid: The Ancient Gods
    Use the Druid's Mana-generating spells to summon the servants of the Old Gods way ahead of schedule.

    Hunter: Whispers of Death
    Do not fear death, hero; your minions are useful to you both alive and dead. Keep trading your minions for theirs: you will eventually overwhelm them.

    Mage: Madness and Magic
    Cast as many spells as possible: Each one will fuel the reawakening of Yogg-Saron.

    Paladin: Shields Up!
    Protect your minions with Divine Shield and they'll be able to take on two enemies at a time!

    Priest: C'Thun's Clutch
    Heal your minions to keep them alive long enough to see the rise of the horrific C'Thun!

    Rogue: Echoes of Death
    Trade your minions aggressively! Most of them give you an advantage when they're killed, so sacrifice away.

    Shaman: Minion Evolution
    Summon as many minions as possible before evolving them! Evolve minions that have already done work for you to maximize your value!

    Warlock: Ancient Hordes
    Bolster your armies with the innumerable minions of the Old Gods. Swarm the board with smaller minions to overwhelm your opponent.

    Warrior: Serve the Old Gods
    Protect yourself as your devotion to C'Thun grows. Amass enough armor that your opponent's efforts become futile before the Old Gods![

    Back to TopFlavor Text and Card Changes

    Level Up!
    • New Card
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Garrosh's best buddy. It's true. Look it up."
    Fandral Staghelm
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Always manages to mention "Back when I was creating the World Tree?" in EVERY conversation. Sheesh! Enough already."
    Ragnaros, Lightlord
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "What happens when you try and corrupt a corrupted firelord? DOUBLE NEGATIVE, INSECT!"
    Princess Huhuran
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "She flitters around Ahn'Qiraj dreaming of the day she will meet a sweet prince, whom she can lay thousands of eggs with."
    Xaril, Poisoned Mind
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "It's basically your own fault if you go around drinking weird green potions handed out by creepy mantid dudes."
    Herald Volazj
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "His whole job is yelling "Yogg-Saron comin'!""
    Hallazeal the Ascended
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Hallazeals all your dallazamage."
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "That's short for "Anomnomnomnomalus"."
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Even after all this time, Gul'dan still makes Cho'gall go get donuts and coffee."
    • New Card
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "C'Thun's least favorite Hearthstone card: Eye for an Eye."
    • HowToGetThisCard: "Unlocked when opening a Whispers of the Old Gods pack."
    • HowToGetThisGoldCard: "Crafting unlocked after opening a Whispers of the Old Gods pack."
    Deathwing, Dragonlord
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "To his credit, Deathwing really took to heart the feedback he was receiving that he needed to be "more of a team player"."
    Hogger, Doom of Elwynn
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "When C'thun went to sleep, he checked under his bed for Hogger."
    Mukla, Tyrant of the Vale
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Pro tip: DO NOT BOGART THE BANANAS."
    N'Zoth, the Corruptor
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Has not been able to get "Under the Sea" out of his head for like FIVE THOUSAND YEARS."
    Nat, the Darkfisher
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "You can take away his humanity, but you will never take away his fishing pole."
    Shifter Zerus
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "It's like being able to play with THREE angry chickens!"
    Soggoth the Slitherer
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Don't tell Soggoth, but in the future he gets totally owned by the Master's Glaive and his skull becomes a tourist attraction."
    The Boogeymonster
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Has 20 years of training in classical ballet, but ALLLLLL he ever gets asked to do is boogie."
    The Song That Ends the World
    • FlavorText: "Some men just want to watch the world burn."
    Twin Emperor Vek'lor
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Do they make decisions based on age? "I'm two minutes older therefore we burn this village.""
    Twin Emperor Vek'nilash
    • New Card
    Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "When he's working out, he binds all that rage back into a ponytail."
    Yogg-Saron, Hope's End
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "I spell your doom... Y-O-U-R D-O-O-M!"
    Blood Warriors
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "They have an uneasy rivalry with the Blood Paladins."
    Tentacles for Arms
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "That's right. Garrosh just slapped you to death with a tentacle."
    Ancient of Lore
    • Card Text: "Choose One - Draw 2 cards; a card; or Restore 5 Health."
    Big Wisps
    • New Card
    Forbidden Ancient
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "This Ancient was banned from the local tavern after tucking a 'Dr. Boom' up its sleeve."
    Force of Nature
    • Cost: 5 (was 6)
    • Card Text: "Summon three 2/2 Treants with Charge that die at the end of the turn.Treants."
    Many Wisps
    • New Card
    Wisps of the Old Gods
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: " They're just normal wisps, actually. The "Of the Old Gods" bit is just marketing."
    Forbidden Healing
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "No one's quite sure why it's forbidden. And yes, that should make you nervous."
    Vilefin Inquisitor
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Nobody expects the Vilefin Inquisition!"
    Call of the Wild
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: ""Hello. Misha, Leokk and Huffer aren't here right now, but if you leave a message we'll get back to you right away." BEEP."
    Giant Sand Worm
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Banned from every all-you-can-eat buffet on Azeroth."
    Blade of C'Thun
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "C'Thun demands a sacrifice! Preferably a Deathwing."
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "I mean, it's not creepy if you ASK before you steal their shadow to make a small replica of them to keep on your shelf."
    Embrace the Shadow
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "For when your Auchenai Soulpriests call in sick."
    Forbidden Shaping
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "But the minion arrives covered in goo."
    Eternal Sentinel
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Just try to avoid eye contact."
    Hammer of Twilight
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Stop! It's Twlight Hammer time."
    Twilight Elemental
    • New Card
    Cabalist's Tome
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "What's in there? I bet it's cookie recipes!"
    Forbidden Flame
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "WARNING: This flame is not to be used unless you are a licensed acolyte of the Old Gods."
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "We ran out of space for "DOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!""
    Renounce Darkness
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "SEE YA DARKNESS!"
    Ancient Harbinger
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: ""honey, can u run down to the store and pick up some 10 cost minions? thx""
    Big Game Hunter
    • Cost: 5 (was 3)
    Blood of The Ancient One
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Add two cups of Blood of the Ancient One to one cup of lemon juice. Add just a dash of sugar and stir. Delicious!"
    Crazed Worshipper
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Every month they share a pancake breakfast with the Perfectly Rational Worshippers."
    Cyclopian Horror
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "What are the qualifications for being a 'Horror?' Just how horrible do you have to be?"
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "People often think that Darkspeaker is the arch nemesis of Lightspeaker, but that title actually belongs to Heavyspeaker."
    Faceless Shambler
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: ""What is that thing?!" "I'm not sure, but it seems to be sort of Y'sera shaped.""
    Molten Giant
    • Cost: 25 (was 20)
    Scaled Nightmare
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "I like it because it scales."
    The Ancient One
    • New Card
    Twilight Summoner
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "If you strike him down, he shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."
    Validated Doomsayer
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Really feels good about himself and is in a much better place now. But? he sure does miss piloting those shredders."
    Ancient Shieldbearer
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Back in her day, each shield weighed two tons and she had to carry four of them on each arm!"
    Blood To Ichor
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "For his next trick, he turns the ichor back to blood and stuffs it back in you."
    Bloodsail Cultist
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "They're really just in it for the Blood Parrot."
    Addled Grizzly
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Druids who spend too long in bear form are more susceptible to the whispers of the Old Gods. Right now they are whispering the lyrics to "La Bamba"."
    Keeper of the Grove
    • Health: 2 (was 4)
    Klaxxi Amber-Weaver
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Amberweaving is a specialty course at the local trade school."
    Mire Keeper
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: ""Hey.... Is that Mire for sale?" "No. I'm keeping it.""
    Y'Shaarj's Strength
    • New Card
    Yogg-Saron's Magic
    • New Card
    Rallying Blade
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "As far as blades go, this one is pretty great in the motivation department."
    Selfless Hero
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: ""Don't worry about me? I'll just be here... under these tentacles.""
    Steward of Darkshire
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Turns out divine shields are way cheaper if you buy in bulk."
    Forlorn Stalker
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "He's going to leave the dying up to you, if that's cool."
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "The best part is the look on their face when you jump out of the cake! Err? corpse."
    Infested Wolf
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "A little flea powder will fix that right up."
    Blade Flurry
    • Cost: 4 (was 2)
    • Card Text: "Destroy your weapon and deal its damage to all enemies.enemy minions."
    Journey Below
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Don't stop believing there's something below."
    Master of Disguise
    • Card Text: "Battlecry: Give a friendly minion Stealth.Stealth until your next turn."
    Thistle Tea
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Aren't Thistles prickly? Why would you drink them? I don't get Rogues."
    Undercity Huckster
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Psst! Wanna buy a random class card (from your opponent's class)?"
    Shadow Word: Horror
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "It's more succinct than "Shadow Word: Suck Into Vortex.""
    Shifting Shade
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Yeah, it's cooler in the shade, but you're also more likely to get JACKED."
    Twilight Darkmender
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "First she separates them from the lights, washes them in cold water, and hang-dries."
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "So you say you want an evolution. Well, you know. We all want to change the board."
    Master of Evolution
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Will be really useful in the new "Hearth?mon" game."
    Thing from Below
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Just can't resist the opportunity to hang around with a bunch of totems."
    Cult Sorcerer
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "No matter how many times we tell her not to, she keeps feeding C'Thun scraps under the table."
    Demented Frostcaller
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "He prefers that you refer to him by his nickname: 'Frostwaker.'"
    Servant of Yogg-Saron
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Yogg-Saron always likes to complain about how he has too many servants and there are too many mouths to feed."
    Darkshire Librarian
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Do NOT be late with your overdue fines."
    Forbidden Ritual
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Actually, C'Thun gives his full support for this ritual."
    Spreading Madness
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Most citizens of Darkshire wear those surgical masks to prevent spreading Madness to tourists."
    Arcane Golem
    • Card Text: "Charge. Battlecry: Give your opponent a Mana Crystal."
    • Health: 4 (was 2)
    Blackwater Pirate
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: ""Look, they fell off the back of a ship, do you want them or not? I have a meeting with Y'Shaarj in like ten minutes.""
    Corrupted Healbot
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Not so much "corrupted" as "has terrible aim"."
    Corrupted Seer
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "For seers, it's very handy to have your crystal ball hanging right in front of your face."
    Disciple of C'Thun
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "C?Thun?s recruiting pitch involves cookies, which is why it?s the most popular Old God."
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: ""Hello, is Doom there? No? Can I leave a message?""
    Eater of Secrets
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "You don't want to be around after it has eaten an explosive trap. You thought Sludge Belcher was bad..."
    Knife Juggler
    • Attack: 2 (was 3)
    Midnight Drake
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Still fearsome in the daytime."
    Silithid Swarmer
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "If your hero doesn't attack, it's just "Silithid Loner"."
    Skeram Cultist
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Just before he comes into play, there is an AWESOME training montage with C'thun."
    Sludge Belcher
    • Card Text: "Taunt.Deathrattle: TauntDeathrattle: Summon a 1/2 Slime with Taunt."
    Bloodhoof Brave
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "He thought the set was called "Flippers of the Old Cods" and hungrily volunteered to be in it. He is definitely going to get his hearing checked."
    N'Zoth's First Mate
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Hates when N'Zoth yells "Ahoy Matey!!", but there's not really much he can do about it. "
    Ravaging Ghoul
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "But goes by "Ravishing Ghoul" when he hits the club."
    Dark Arakkoa
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "There's a whole gradient of Arakkoa! This one is on the darker side."
    Druid of the Claw
    • New Card
    Druid of the Flame
    • New Card
    Evolve Scales
    • New Card
    Evolve Spines
    • New Card
    Feral Rage
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Let's be honest. One option is a lot ragier than the other."
    Mark of Y'Shaarj
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Y'shaarj had three sons: Mark, Theodore, and Chris."
    Sabertooth Tiger
    • New Card
    • Card Text: "Charge. At the end of the turn, destroy this minion."
    • New Card
    A Light in the Darkness
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Wait, how can you have a light in the dark? If you turn on a light while it?s dark, doesn?t that mean it?s no longer dark?"
    Divine Strength
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Every year a few paladins get disqualified from the Westfall weight lifting championship for using Divine Strength."
    Stand Against Darkness
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Or if you're too tired, you can just kind of lean against the darkness."
    Carrion Grub
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Carrion, my wayward grub."
    Dart Trap
    • Card Text: "Secret: When After an opposing Hero Power is used, deal 5 damage to a random enemy."
    Fiery Bat
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "He'll always be our first."
    Hunter's Mark
    • Cost: 1 (was 0)
    On the Hunt
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "The mastiff giggles if you don't hit any ducks."
    Bladed Cultist
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "He has a poor understanding of the law of diminishing returns."
    Shadow Strike
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "It's like a backstab, only from the front. And with two more stabs."
    Southsea Squidface
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Quick! Before I drown! Let me sharpen your sword for you."
    Darkshire Alchemist
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "The secret ingredient: liquified funnel cake."
    Hooded Acolyte
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Wait, what kind of acolyte doesn't wear a hood?"
    Power Word: Tentacles
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Because you're wrapped in a protective layer of? tentacles?"
    Flamewreathed Faceless
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "He's on fire! Boomshakalaka!"
    Primal Fusion
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Golce and Dabbana have a new line of Earth Totems available at vendors everywhere this holiday season."
    • New Card
    Faceless Summoner
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "They never get the recognition they deserve."
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "What's cooler than being cool?"
    Twilight Flamecaller
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Make sure you summon a Twilight Marshmallowcaller too! Mmmm Mmm Mmm!!"
    Darkshire Councilman
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Democracy in action!"
    Possessed Villager
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "It's like a pinata! A lame disgusting horrific pinata."
    Usher of Souls
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Nothing unburdens your soul like a good ushing!"
    Aberrant Berserker
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "I berserk, therefore I am."
    Am'gam Rager
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "peerc rewop"
    Beckoner of Evil
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Here, Evil! C'mon boy!"
    • HowToGetThisCard: "Unlocked when opening a Whispers of the Old Gods pack."
    • HowToGetThisGoldCard: "Crafting unlocked after opening a Whispers of the Old Gods pack."
    Bilefin Tidehunter
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Bile actually makes for surprisingly sturdy fins."
    Bog Creeper
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "He's tried other things, but bog sidling, bog ambling, and bog trundling just aren't as effective as bog creeping."
    C'Thun's Chosen
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "He gave her a promise ring and everything."
    Cult Apothecary
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Cults need pharmacists too."
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Often excluded from dinner parties. To be fair, he is very boaring."
    Eldritch Horror
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Often wonders what path his life might have taken if he wasn't named, you know, "Eldritch Horror"."
    Evolved Kobold
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "You no take tentacle!"
    Faceless Behemoth
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Rejected names: Forty-Foot Faceless, Big ol' No-face, Huge Creature Sans Face, Teddy."
    Grotesque Dragonhawk
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "They say that "grotesque is in the eye of the beholder," but that's just because they've never seen a Grotesque Dragonhawk. Yikes!"
    Infested Tauren
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "The Overmind and the Old Gods are surprisingly similar."
    Ironbeak Owl
    • Cost: 3 (was 2)
    Leper Gnome
    • Attack: 1 (was 2)
    Nerubian Prophet
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "It?s a self-reducing prophecy."
    • New Card
    Polluted Hoarder
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Roll ?greed? OR THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU."
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: ""Annoyinger-o-Tron" was just too unwieldy. And accurate."
    • New Card
    Spawn of N'Zoth
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Who's a cute widdle N'Zoth? You are! Yes you are! Yes you're the cutest widdle N'Zoth in the whole world!!!"
    Squirming Tentacle
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Yeah, I think we can agree that killing the squirming tentacle first is a good idea."
    Tentacle of N'Zoth
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Because EVERYDAY is the Day of the Tentacle of N'zoth."
    Twilight Elder
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Just doesn't understand those Twilight Youngsters any more - with their comic books and their rock music."
    Twilight Geomancer
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: ""Ok C'Thun, repeat after me: 'Your mother was a hamster.'""
    Twisted Worgen
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Sometimes the Old Gods' corruptions gives you power untold, sometimes you get +1 Attack. We can?t all be winners in the Eldritch lottery."
    Zealous Initiate
    • New Card
    • FlavorText: "Ok, Initiate. You need to settle down and do your job. In this case, that means die so someone else can get a minor buff."
    Rusty Hook
    • New Card
    Second Class: Warrior
    • New Card
    • New Card
    Ancient Teachings
    • Card Text: "Draw 2 cards.a card."
    Second Class: Druid
    • New Card
    • Card Text: "Hero Power+1 Attack this turn. +1 Armor."
    • New Card
    Second Class: Paladin
    • New Card
    Silver Hand Murloc
    • New Card
    The Silver Hand
    • New Card
    The Tidal Hand
    • New Card
    • New Card
    Second Class: Hunter
    • New Card
    • New Card
    Bloodthistle Toxin
    • New Card
    Briarthorn Toxin
    • New Card
    Fadeleaf Toxin
    • New Card
    Firebloom Toxin
    • New Card
    Kingsblood Toxin
    • New Card
    Second Class: Rogue
    • New Card
    Second Class: Priest
    • New Card
    Second Class: Shaman
    • New Card
    Second Class: Mage
    • New Card
    Icky Tentacle
    • New Card
    Second Class: Warlock
    • New Card
    • New Card
    Faceless Destroyer
    • New Card
    • New Card
    • Rarity: "RareFree"
    Nerubian Soldier
    • New Card
    Offensive Play
    • New Card

    Back to TopAchievement/Quest changes

    • Enabled: 0 (was 1)
    Golden Arrrrrr!!!
    • Enabled: 0 (was 1)
    • Enabled: 0 (was 1)
    Golden Mrglglglgl!
    • Enabled: 0 (was 1)
    Samsung Galaxy
    • Name: "Samsung Galaxy"
    The Old Gods Have Arrived!
    • New Achievement
    5 Old Gods Packs!
    • New Achievement
    5 More Old Gods Packs!
    • New Achievement

    Back to TopCard back changes

    Samsung Galaxy
    • note: "Samsung Galaxy Gifts Card Back"
    • Name: "Galaxy GiftsSamsung Galaxy"
    Shadowmoon Valley
    • New Card Back
    • New Card Back
    • New Card Back

    Back to TopHero changes

    • Description: "Obtained through an upcoming Since the restoration of the Sunwell, the Blood Knight Matriarch's mood seems, well, sunnier!(Obtained by reaching level 20 on a new character in World of Warcraft promotion.Warcraft.)"
    • Store Description: "Khadgar comes with an animated portrait, new visual effects and emotes, uses your existing mage cards and standard mage hero power. 100% of the proceeds will help WWF protect life on our planet. Only available till April 24."

    Back to TopString Changes

    • Added GLOBAL_CARD_SET_OG: "Whispers of the Old Gods"
    • Added GLOBAL_CARD_SET_OG_RESERVE: "Old Gods Reserve"
    • Added GLOBAL_CARD_SET_OG_SEARCHABLE_SHORTHAND_NAMES.COMMENT: "This is a space-separated list indicating all of the allowable search keywords that can be used in Collection Manager screen's text-search feature to narrow down the cards to this specific Card Set via shorthand names (note: the full name above is also used for this feature). Also note: letter case is ignored. For Whispers of the Old Gods, 'tog' should be available in all locales; wotog and wog are additional English shorthands, which should be replaced by locale specific variants."
    • Added GLOBAL_CARD_SET_OG_SHORT: "Old Gods"
    • Added GLOBAL_ERROR_NETWORK_RISK_ACCOUNT_LOCKED: "We've locked your account! Go to https://battle.net/support?and search 7537 to find out what happened!"
    • Added GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGEE_NOT_SEEN_WILD: "That player has no Wild cards."
    • Added GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGEE_NO_DECK: "This player has no decks."
    • Added GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGEE_NO_STANDARD_DECK: "This player has no Standard decks."
    • Added GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGEE_NO_TAVERN_BRAWL_DECK: "This player hasn't created a deck for the Tavern Brawl yet."
    • Added GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGEE_TAVERN_BRAWL_LOCKED: "This player hasn't unlocked Tavern Brawls yet."
    • Added GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGEE_USER_IS_BUSY: "This player is busy at this time."
    • Added GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGER_NO_DECK: "You need to build a deck first."
    • Added GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGER_NO_STANDARD_DECK: "You don't have any Standard decks."
    • Added GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGER_NO_TAVERN_BRAWL_DECK: "You need to build a deck for this week's Brawl."
    • Added GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_CHALLENGER_TAVERN_BRAWL_LOCKED: "Unlock Tavern Brawl by reaching level 20 with any class."
    • Added GLOBAL_FRIENDLIST_CHALLENGE_TOOLTIP_NO_TAVERN_BRAWL: "Tavern Brawl is not available right now. Check back soon!"
    • Added GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_BODY1_STANDARD: "You've been challenged to a Standard game by:"
    • Added GLOBAL_FRIEND_CHALLENGE_BODY1_WILD: "You've been challenged to a Wild game by:"
    • Added GLOBAL_KEYWORD_CTHUN: "C'Thun, Old God"
    • Added GLOBAL_KEYWORD_CTHUN_TEXT: "C'Thun receives buffs no matter where it is, even in your deck!"
    • Added GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SHIFTING: "Shifter Zerus"
    • Added GLOBAL_KEYWORD_SHIFTING_TEXT: "Transforms into a new minion at the start of your turn."
    • Added GLOBAL_MEDAL_TOOLTIP_BEST_RANK_STANDARD: "Your best current rank is Standard."
    • Added GLOBAL_MEDAL_TOOLTIP_BEST_RANK_WILD: "Your best current rank is Wild."
    • Changed GLOBAL_MEDAL_TOOLTIP_BODY: "Win games to advance to the next rank!\n\nNext Rank:\n{0}rank!"
    • Removed GLOBAL_MEDAL_TOOLTIP_BODY.COMMENT: "0=medal name"
    • Changed GLOBAL_MEDAL_TOURNAMENT_TOOLTIP_BODY: "Top {0}% in ranked play mode this season\n\nNext Rank:\n{1}season"
    • Changed GLOBAL_MEDAL_TOURNAMENT_TOOLTIP_BODY.COMMENT: "0=rank percentile 1=medal namepercentile"
    • Added GLOBAL_PLAY_STANDARD: "Play Standard"
    • Added GLOBAL_PLAY_WILD: "Play Wild"
    • Added GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_GAINED_RANK_WILD: "{1} just hit rank {2} in Wild!"
    • Added GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_GAINED_RANK_WILD.COMMENT: "0=name color,1=player name,2=medal rank"
    • Added GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_RANK_LEGEND_WILD: "{1} has attained the Rank of LEGEND in Wild!"
    • Added GLOBAL_SOCIAL_TOAST_FRIEND_RANK_LEGEND_WILD.COMMENT: "0=name color,1=player name"
    • Added GLOBAL_STANDARD: "Standard"
    • Added GLOBAL_WILD: "Wild"
    • Added GLUE_BASIC_DECK_WARNING_BODY: "While Basic decks are allowed in Standard, building a new deck might be more successful!"
    • Added GLUE_CARDS_UPDATED: "These cards have changed."
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_CONVERT_DECK_BODY: "Switching this deck to Standard will remove {0} cards from the deck. Are you sure you wish to continue?"
    • Removed GLUE_COLLECTION_DECK_INVALID_POPUP_MESSAGE: "You are {0} |4(card,cards) short of a full deck. Do you want to finish it automatically?"
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_DECK_RULE_FINISH_AUTOMATICALLY: "Do you want to finish it automatically?"
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_DECK_RULE_INVALID_CARDS: "You have {0} |4(card,cards) that |4(is,are) invalid for this format."
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_DECK_RULE_MISSING_CARDS: "You are {0} |4(card,cards) short of a full deck."
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_SET_FILTER_WILD_SET_BODY: "This will show cards that are not usable in Standard. Are you sure?"
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_STANDARD_SETS: "Standard Sets"
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_TO_STANDARD: "Convert to Standard"
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_TO_WILD: "Convert to Wild"
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_TUTORIAL10: "Edit or create a new deck!"
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_TUTORIAL11: "You're out of space for more decks. Make some room or convert one to Standard."
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_TUTORIAL12: "Convert this deck to Standard here."
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_TUTORIAL13: "In Standard, players can only use the newest cards."
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_TUTORIAL14: "You can convert Wild decks to Standard."
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_TUTORIAL15: "Try converting a deck to Standard."
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_TUTORIAL16: "You're ready for a Standard game!"
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_TUTORIAL_REPLACE_WILD_CARDS: "Replace Wild cards with Standard ones."
    • Added GLUE_COLLECTION_WILD_SETS: "Wild Sets"
    • Added GLUE_CRAFTING_WILD_CARD_DESC: "This is a Wild card. Are you sure?"
    • Added GLUE_CRAFTING_WILD_CARD_FIRST_WILD_DESC: "This card is not playable in the Standard format. Are you sure?"
    • Added GLUE_CRAFTING_WILD_CARD_INTRO_DESC: "In the Wild format, you can use any card ever released!"
    • Added GLUE_CRAFTING_WILD_CARD_TAVERN_BRAWL_DESC: "This card is not valid for this Tavern Brawl. Are you sure?"
    • Added GLUE_CREATE_STANDARD_DECK: "Create Standard Deck"
    • Added GLUE_CREATE_WILD_DECK: "Create Wild Deck"
    • Added GLUE_DISABLED_WILD_DECK_DESC: "Not usable in Standard. Swap to the Wild Format, or convert it to Standard."
    • Added GLUE_INCOMPLETE_DECK_DESC: "You need to finish building this deck."
    • Added GLUE_INCOMPLETE_DECK_HEADER: "Incomplete deck"
    • Added GLUE_PLAY_STANDARD: "Play Standard"
    • Added GLUE_PLAY_WILD: "Play Wild"
    • Removed GLUE_POPUP_SWITCH_FORMAT_DESC: "The Standard Format is coming, where only Basic, Classic, and the newest 2 years of sets can be used. New sets will have a huge impact! Stay tuned!"
    • Removed GLUE_POPUP_SWITCH_FORMAT_HEADER: "A new way to play!"
    • Added GLUE_STORE_PRE_PURCHASE_HAS_ENDED: "Pre-orders for this product are no longer available."
    • Changed GLUE_STORE_PRODUCT_EVENT_HAS_ENDED: "Pre-orders for this That product are is no longer available."
    • Added GLUE_THE_CLOCK_BANNER_NEW_WAY: "New way to play:"
    • Added GLUE_THE_CLOCK_BANNER_STANDARD: ""Standard""
    • Added GLUE_THE_CLOCK_BANNER_YEAR: "Year of the Kraken"
    • Added GLUE_THE_CLOCK_DETAILS: "The cards you can use in Standard change each year."
    • Added GLUE_THE_CLOCK_DETAILS_STANDARD: "In Standard, only the newest cards can be used."
    • Added GLUE_TIP_DEFAULT_23: "Standard uses Basic, Classic and the most recent two years of cards."
    • Added GLUE_TIP_DEFAULT_24: "Click on your hero while editing a deck to swap between Standard and Wild."
    • Added GLUE_TIP_DEFAULT_24_TOUCH: "Tap on your hero while editing a deck to swap between Standard and Wild."
    • Added GLUE_TIP_DEFAULT_25: "This is the year of the Kraken! (Each year will have a new theme)"
    • Added GLUE_TIP_DEFAULT_26: "When viewing your collection, click on the bottom left filter button to choose which sets are shown."
    • Added GLUE_TIP_DEFAULT_26_TOUCH: "When viewing your collection, tap on the bottom left filter button to choose which sets are shown."
    • Added GLUE_TIP_DEFAULT_27: "Whenever a new set is released you can use its cards in both Wild and Standard."
    • Added GLUE_TIP_DEFAULT_28: "Wild is exactly that, WILD! Any cards can be used!"
    • Added GLUE_TIP_DEFAULT_29: "In Standard, new strategies are constantly evolving."
    • Added GLUE_TIP_DEFAULT_30: "New deck recipes will be released over time."
    • Added GLUE_TIP_DEFAULT_31: "In Standard, the newest sets are in play so you don't have to learn all the old cards."
    • Changed GLUE_TIP_TAVERNBRAWL_6: "You can challenge a friend to a the Brawl if you challenge them of the week, while you're on the Tavern Brawl screen.it’s open."
    • Removed GLUE_TOOLTIP_SWITCH_FORMAT_BUTTON_WILD: "You're currently playing in Wild, where all cards can be used. Click to change formats. *coming soon*"
    • Removed GLUE_TOOLTIP_SWITCH_FORMAT_BUTTON_WILD_MOBILE: "You're currently playing in Wild, where all cards can be used. Tap to change formats. *coming soon*"
    • Added GLUE_TOURNAMENT_CASUAL_WILD: "Wild Casual"
    • Added GLUE_TOURNAMENT_NO_STANDARD_DECKS: "You have no Standard decks. Go create one!"
    • Added GLUE_TOURNAMENT_RANKED_WILD: "Wild Ranked"
    • Added GLUE_TOURNAMENT_STANDARD_DESC: "Only Basic, Classic, and the last 2 years of cards can be used."
    • Added GLUE_TOURNAMENT_SWITCH_TO_STANDARD: "Try switching to Standard"
    • Added GLUE_TOURNAMENT_SWITCH_TO_WILD: "You can switch to Wild here"
    • Removed GLUE_TOURNAMENT_WILD: "Wild"
    • Added GLUE_TOURNAMENT_WILD_DESC: "All cards can be used."
    • Added VO_HRW_DEBUG_01: 1
    • Added VO_HRW_DEBUG_01.AUDIOFILE: "test"
    • Added VO_HRW_DEBUG_02: 2
    • Added VO_HRW_DEBUG_02.AUDIOFILE: "test"
    • Added VO_HRW_DEBUG_03: 3
    • Added VO_HRW_DEBUG_03.AUDIOFILE: "test"
    • Added VO_HRW_DEBUG_04: 4
    • Added VO_HRW_DEBUG_04.AUDIOFILE: "test"
    • Added VO_HRW_DEBUG_05: 5
    • Added VO_HRW_DEBUG_05.AUDIOFILE: "test"
    • Added VO_INNKEEPER_HAVE_ONE_STANDARD_DECK: "You've got a Standard deck, but you can always create more in your Collection!"
    • Added VO_INNKEEPER_HAVE_STANDARD_DECKS: "You've got some Standard decks, but you can always create more in your Collection!"
    • Added VO_INNKEEPER_PLAY_STANDARD_TO_WILD: "If you make a wild deck, you can only use it in wild games."
    • Added VO_INNKEEPER_WILD_DECK_WARNING: "That deck is only for Wild games."
    • Added VO_INNKEEPER_WILD_GAME: "A Wild game! Get ready - you're sure to see old cards in here!"