Budget decks for all nine Hearthstone classes updated for the latest nerfs.

Over the last week or so, Stonekeep has been hard at work at updating and completing our Hearthstone budget decks. He's evaluated each of the nine classes for the best deck lists that balance both cost and competitiveness and written up a guide for them.

One of our first efforts was to make Hearthstone more accessible for new players. To do this we focused on introducing each of the classes and providing Basic deck guides for all of them. We've long had guides for the most competitive of decks and today the two meet in the middle. Now we have guides for you no matter what your collection looks like.

If you're new to Hearthstone you can read a Class Overview, grab a Basic deck until you have enough cards to upgrade it to a budget version before finally getting to an optimized deck list.

Back to TopWhat's a Budget Deck?

A budget deck is a natural step between a Basic deck (which is completely free) and a full-fledged meta deck (which plays the most powerful cards no matter how much they cost). As much as Basic decks should be mostly used for the Casual play (and ranked up to Rank 20), Budget decks have a much higher potential. Depending on the specific deck and your individual capabilities, you should be able to hit Rank 10, Rank 5 or even Legend with some of those decks. Our criteria to classify the deck as "Budget" are quite simple - no Epic, Legendary or Adventure cards (unless they're from the first, free wing). It should put the Dust cost of those decks in the range of 1,000-1,500, with no extra costs "hidden" behind adventure cards. The cost also goes down if you own some of those cards already (which should be the case even for the new players), so the real cost of those decks is often below 500 Dust. Those decks should be a great choice for new players - in the worst case scenario, they can build a full deck for a cost of a single Legendary card (and in the best case scenario, for a cost of an Epic card).

Guide Dust Cost
 Budget Jade Druid - Frozen Throne Deck List  1660
 Budget Midrange Hunter Guide - Frozen Throne Deck List  1160
 Budget Tempo Mage Guide - Frozen Throne Deck List  1400
 Budget Handbuff Paladin Guide - Frozen Throne Deck List  1940
 Budget Silence Priest - Frozen Throne Deck List  1320
 Budget Tempo Rogue Guide - Frozen Throne Deck List  1480
 Budget Evolve Jade Shaman Guide - Frozen Throne Deck List  2120
 Budget Zoo Warlock Guide - Frozen Throne Deck List  1520
 Budget Pirate Warrior Guide - Frozen Throne Deck List  1360